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Couple builds ‘cat church’ with heater for stray cat amid winters in a beautiful example of kindness

They even give the cat two hot meals a day and make sure he is as comfortable as possible.

Couple builds ‘cat church’ with heater for stray cat amid winters in a beautiful example of kindness
Image Source: Reddit/roachy1979

As many cities around the world struggle to deal with harsh winters, stray animals are left with no place to turn as they try to make it through the winter. They struggle to find food and heat during this time. There have always been kindhearted people who have gone out of their way to make space for stray animals. A Reddit user, roachy1979, recently shared the story of her parents building a home for a stray cat that wandered into their parents' yard past summer and stayed. 

Image Source: Reddit/zback636
Image Source: Reddit


"It’s now winter here in Manitoba and my dad put a cat church with a heater outside for him. It’s +9c for him inside his home," they added. Moreover, the couple is also providing the cat with hot meals twice a day and warm milk at regular intervals. They shared a picture of the cat and the beautiful house their dad made for him. This adorable post warmed everyone's heart and went viral on the social media platform with over 18k upvotes and hundreds of comments.

Image Source: Reddit/roachy1979
Image Source: Reddit/roachy1979

Several Reddit users said the cat is not a stray anymore and has been adopted by the family unconsciously. Reddit user, Penguinz90, commented, "I've got news for you....that's no longer a stray. Your parents have officially been adopted." The original poster agreed and replied, "You’re definitely right!! They send pics of him, he’s so sweet!!" Another user, entropy33, who also lives in the same town commented, "That’s so sweet! I’m also Manitoban and it is very hard not to go around my neighborhood 'adopting' all of the cats who are out in this weather."

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit


The original poster revealed some more details about the cat in reply saying that this cat's ears are "really bad" and it looks like he has been "in a fight or two because he has a notch on one ear." Several others shared details about their own experiences and stories about caring for animals. Reddit user, maretus, explained that their grandmother lived on a farm "where the whole family had to get up early to work the fields and shit." They added, "Their farms always had strays and she always ended up building little houses for them all over the farm. She’d stuff them with blankets and straw and anything else to help keep the strays warm during cold Ohio winters." 


Another user, NumbOnTheDunny, commented, "We have a stray ginger boy that follows our family out on walks until we get home. We feed him and he knows there’s always a meal here and will show up whenever. He likes sleeping on our patio furniture. So sweet but my two boys scream their heads off at him when he shows up." Reddit user, xThexTickx, noted, "In my experience with animals, they figure out who the right people are to attach themselves to. The other thing that I have been figuring out is that stray cats talk to each other. Any time we take care of one, there ends up being many more that follow shortly after."  

This adorable post inspires us to take care of the stray animals around us as we deal with extremely harsh winters this season. Taking in an animal during these times is extremely rewarding for the caretaker as well as the furry friend.

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