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Little boy's love for corn knows no bounds and it is the most wholesome thing ever

The youngster also shares a bit of wisdom, stating that while you don't have to love corn, you should at least give it a try.

Little boy's love for corn knows no bounds and it is the most wholesome thing ever
Cover Image Source: TikTok/Recess Therapy

One adorable little boy's love for corn is spreading some much-needed wholesomeness across the internet. The unidentified child—who has come to be known as "Corn Kid" among social media users—went viral after his recent appearance on the popular child interview series "Recess Therapy." A video of the Corn Kid talking to Julian Shapiro-Barnum, who interviews kids aged 2 to 9 for the incredibly cute show he created and hosts, about all the reasons behind his love for the vegetable has gained more than 7.3 million views on Instagram since being uploaded last week.

In the video, Corn Kid enthusiastically gushes about the vegetable for nearly a minute and a half and even offers a buttery hack for individuals who might not share his love for corn. "For me, I really like corn," he says, holding a half-eaten cob. "Ever since I was told that corn was real, it tasted good... But when I tried it with butter everything changed. I love corn. Mmm... corn." When asked by Shapiro-Barnum what some of his other favorite things are, Corn Kid revealed that he also loves a good game of hide 'n' seek and tag, but would rather pass on a round of lava monster.

Image Source: TikTok/Recess Therapy
Image Source: TikTok/Recess Therapy

"I play a variety of games: hide and seek, tag, never lava monster," he shared, before ending the list of games he plays with, "Yeah, mostly corn." Returning to the one topic that really matters, the boy added: "I mean look at this thing. I can't imagine a more beautiful thing." When asked how he would describe corn to someone who hasn't tried it yet, Corn Kid said that he would describe it as "a big lump with knobs," before adding that he mostly likes the juice from the corn and that's what makes him like it so much.

The youngster also shares a bit of wisdom in the video, stating that while you don't have to love corn, you should at least give it a try. "No, not everyone has to like it to be the best. Everyone just has to try it," Corn Kid said. The video ends with the young man wishing Shapiro-Barnum and viewers a "corn-tastic" day. Wondering why his remark seemed to bring so much visible joy to the host, Corn Kid had the perfect parting words to finish melting the hearts of anyone who wasn't already a pile of smiling mushy: "What?! It's just a pun about corn!"


Recess Therapy's followers online soon flooded the comments section with love for the young boy and his passion for corn. "Omg this kid would have a field day in Iowa during the summer the corn is amazing," wrote one social media user. "'But when I tried it with butter, everything changed!' same kid. same," another commented. "This kid needs to be the representative of all midwestern agriculture," a third proposed. "Faith in humanity restored. this child must be protected at all cost. also no more lava monster," wrote another. 






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