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Man explains everything that is wrong about the 'nice guy' notion: 'It isn't a flex'

Content creator Cyzor talks about how the 'nice guys' aren't actually as nice as they seem, and explains the reason behind it in-depth.

Man explains everything that is wrong about the 'nice guy' notion: 'It isn't a flex'
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @cyzorgg

In a world filled with complexities, the dating and relationship landscape is often a topic of heated discussion. Cyzor (@cyzorgg), in a candid and enlightening video he posted on Instagram, offers valuable insights into the "nice guy" phenomenon, shedding light on why certain expectations and behaviors often lead to frustration and disappointment in the realm of romance. 

Image Source: Instagram | @cyzorgg
Image Source: Instagram | @cyzorgg


Cyzor begins by challenging the conventional wisdom that being "nice" is a surefire way to win someone's heart. He aptly points out, "Being nice isn't a flex. That's what you're supposed to be." In essence, expecting someone to be attracted to you solely because you are "nice" is akin to assuming people should be interested in you simply because you maintain personal hygiene - it's a basic expectation. The video dives into the childhood misconception that being nice is the golden ticket to romance. Many of us grew up hearing that being kind and polite would win someone's affection. 

Image Source: Instagram | @cyzorgg
Image Source: Instagram | @cyzorgg


However, as Cyzor astutely notes, this is far from the whole story. He emphasizes that attraction encompasses various qualities, including charisma, physical appeal, humor, and overall intriguing personality traits. Cyzor doesn't shy away from addressing the bitterness that can arise when someone you're interested in chooses another partner. He astutely dissects the root of this bitterness, which often stems from a sense of entitlement. He succinctly articulates, "You feel like you deserved her because you're so nice, yeah. No! Stop being entitled." His impassioned plea is a reminder that attraction is not an obligation, and rejection is a natural part of life's complex tapestry.

Image Source: Instagram | @cyzorgg
Image Source: Instagram | @cyzorgg


One of the most compelling aspects of Cyzor's commentary is his critique of conditional niceness. He sharply points out that some individuals are only "nice" to people they find attractive, and their behavior takes a sharp turn when they perceive no romantic interest in return. He calls out this conditional niceness as inauthentic and manipulative, stating, "Your niceness is so fake." This assertion underscores the importance of sincerity and authenticity in all interactions. Cyzor goes further to dissect the common scenario where individuals express frustration when someone they consider a "good guy" is not chosen by a woman.

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He dissects this frustration with a clever analogy involving food preferences. He says, "Just because I say I like steak doesn't mean I won't eat a hamburger if that's the available option." It just means that the steak wasn't available since it is hard to come by. This analogy poignantly illustrates that romantic interests can be nuanced, and a woman's choice of a partner doesn't necessarily contradict her stated preferences. He ended the video by saying, "My point is this, spend less time trying to be a nice guy and spend more time trying to be a good man. Spend less time mad about who someone else is with and more time becoming a more interesting person. Work on yourself."

Image Source: Instagram | @cyzorgg
Image Source: Instagram | @cyzorgg

@asmrfamilia commended Cyzor for addressing these essential aspects of dating and relationships, saying, "The way that 'males' gotta be taught the basics lol. Thank you for your service, sir." @faeriesin expressed their opinion on the "nice guy" narrative and emphasized the importance of seeing women as human beings rather than objects of conquest, stating, "Yes finally! I’m so tired of the nice guy crap and the 'friend zone' crap. You are not entitled to women’s affections. If she doesn’t find you compatible with what she wants then that’s that." The comment echoes Cyzor's call for treating others with respect and understanding their preferences.

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