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Conspiracy theorists are claiming Bill Gates planted 'fake snow' in Texas, as it 'doesn't melt'

Some of the users tried to heat snowballs in an oven and claimed it was "some type of alien technology."

Conspiracy theorists are claiming Bill Gates planted 'fake snow' in Texas, as it 'doesn't melt'
Image source: Facebook/chaschas027

Conspiracy theories are becoming more commonplace by the day and are slowly making their way into the mainstream news. Ranging from false claims of voter fraud, staged mass school shooting, Jewish space laser causing the deadly forest fires in California in 2018, and more. Even the pandemic was viewed through the "conspiracy theory" lens with many still continuing to believe that the Coronavirus pandemic is a hoax. A lot of people pushing that conspiracy theory got their validation when Donald Trump called it a hoax. Sadly, more than half a million people have died from the pandemic and there's nothing not real about it. The latest event that's come under the scanner for willing conspiracy theorists is the snowstorm in Texas. Yes, you heard that right. They suspect the snowstorm isn't an act of nature but man-made, and by man-made we don't mean climate change. They believe the snow isn't real. Wrap your head around that.


More than 50 people have died from snowstorm-related incidents but the conspiracy theorists still believe it's all a hoax. Millions have been left without power, and many without water, but videos are circulating the internet claiming the snow was fake. Some videos claimed Joe Biden was behind the 'fake snow' while a few others claimed Bill Gates was behind the act. They claimed one of Biden or Gates, dumped tonnes of fake snow on Texas to push an agenda to reverse climate change. Bill Gates and Joe Biden have promised to fight climate change the videos cited this as a reason. The videos were mainly posted to TikTok before being posted on Facebook, but only to be flagged as false by the platform.


It's sublimation
The videos showed people trying to heat a snowball over an open flame to show the ice 'wasn't melting.' Another guy took it one step further and put a snowball in the oven to prove it didn't melt. For those who haven't felt the force of the snowstorm and suspect it to be a hoax, let me introduce you to the concept of sublimation. The process of sublimation is when solid moves to a gaseous state before becoming a liquid. Under normal conditions, a solid turns into liquid before turning into a gaseous state. Sublimation is the process when a cold solid is heated so fast, that it turns to gas without becoming liquid. With this being used as a conspiracy theory before, meteorologists have already debunked the "no melting" snow claim.


What happened in Texas was very real. The polar vortex, the winter’s ultra-cold air that is usually kept bottled up 15 to 30 miles high headed south towards Texas causing the worst snowstorm in over three decades. The cold air usually spins on top of the planet but occasionally something slams against the top sending it in a different direction reported NBC News. This time the cold wind blew towards Texas, causing the snowstorm.


Scientists are unsure of the exact cause but believe it to be a combination of natural random weather and man-made climate change. “It’s been a major breakdown,” said Jennifer Francis, a climate scientist at the Woodwell Climate Research Center on Cape Cod. “It really is the cause of all of these crazy weather events in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s been unusual for a few weeks now — very, very crazy,” Francis said. “Totally topsy-turvy."


University of Georgia meteorology professor Marshall Shepherd pointed fingers at climate change. “There is evidence that climate change can weaken the polar vortex, which allows more chances for frigid Arctic air to ooze into the Lower 48,” said Shepherd. No scientist ever looked up at the sky, and went, "Aaah.. Bill Gates is at it again."


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