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Company that didn't appreciate employee ends up having to shut shop after he resigned

The employee shared how a company behaved in an inconsiderate manner with him and learned their lesson sometime later.

Company that didn't appreciate employee ends up having to shut shop after he resigned
Cover Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by Vlada Karpovich

A company should always respect its employees. It is one of the major ingredients of their success.  Double_oh__7 proved how a corporate company could not save itself from suffering the results of its actions because of the bad behavior it showed towards its workers. The post displayed the user's affection toward the company initially as he put a lot of effort into building it from the ground up. But ultimately, he had to choose himself and his dignity, and after his resignation, the company fell like a pack of cards. His conflicting feelings about the situation resonated with many and the thread went viral with 1.3 thousand upvotes. 

Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by Juanjo Menta 
Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by Juanjo Menta 


Double_oh__7 started his association with this small company in a happy place. He was enthusiastic and wanted to contribute as much as possible. Therefore, he decided to take up the extra task after the corporation requested. It went on for 2 years, after which he decided to ask for a raise as everyone around him seemed to earn more despite working less. The user took his desire to the boss and demanded a $ 1-an-hour raise. It will increase the annual salary by $1800. The poster brought out the fact that he was doing 3 jobs, but the boss countered it by saying that they had never asked him to do it but appreciated the efforts.

He was not given a raise and therefore, decided to leave the establishment. In order to fill the vacancy, the boss advertised three job postings. The whole exchange was disheartening for the employee as the company was willing to pay 130k extra to other people but not increase his salary by $1800. This attitude backfired on the company as the people they hired pushed the company into a loss. The replacements could only bring in 10% of what Double_oh__7 was bringing. In a matter of a year and a half, the company went down. Though the Reddit user parted ways from the company on a bitter note, he still felt sad that the company failed because of wrong calls on the part of the administration.

In this establishment, the user also doubted if he was subjected to racism because the majority was white. Therefore, even after contributing the most, he was not compensated properly. In the end, Double_oh__7 believed that he made the right decision. He was in a better place and much happier. Ultimately Karma got to everyone in the situation.

Image Source: Reddit/ Photo by chinmakes5
Image Source: Reddit/ Photo by chinmakes5


Image Source: Reddit/ Photo by Slamtilt_Windmills
Image Source: Reddit/ Photo by Slamtilt_Windmills


The comment section appreciated the turn of events that happened with the employee. u/m_jax believed that the Reddit user did the right thing by leaving the job and wrote, "Good riddance to be honest. You deserve much better." u/Kennedygoose loved what happened with the company and commented, "'Sucks that the company failed.' No, it doesn't, that's what they deserved." u/Accomplished_Emu_658 explained why the employee might have faced this and wrote, "Companies don't seem to value current employees. Retention budgets are low, but man-hiring budgets are high. You were doing so much for so little, so they rather keep you down."

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