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Company helps rent the same Christmas tree till it 'retires' and then plants it in a forest for good

They saw the amount of waste Christmas trees generate every year and decided to do something about it.

Company helps rent the same Christmas tree till it 'retires' and then plants it in a forest for good
Image Source: London Christmas Tree Rental/Instagram

Christmas Trees are an integral part of the holiday season as they exhibit joy and happiness for everyone. However, as we are on the cusp of irreversible climate change, getting artificial or real trees every year can prove to be damaging to our environment. It generates a lot of waste every year which poses a lot of problems for the authorities in managing it. Hence, finding an environment-friendly alternative to Christmas trees is extremely important and one organization is already leading the way. 



According to Goodable on Twitter, London Christmas Tree Rental is renting out trees in the most sustainable possible. You can rent a tree and the company collects it in January and replants it into the ground. Moreover, you can rent the same tree every year and once it reaches 7 feet, the tree "retires" and is planted in a forest. Jonathan Mearns and Catherine Loveless created London Christmas Tree Rental in 2018. Jonathan made the decision that enough was enough when he was navigating the Christmas tree graveyards while out on the streets of London in January. He thought that there must be a better way to handle Christmas trees when 7 million of them are thrown into landfills every year for 3 weeks of enjoyment.



The idea of renting the same tree year after year led to the creation of the London Christmas Tree Rental. The trees that they provide are from Norway Spruce and you can collect them from one of their hubs. Moreover, they encourage people to name the tree so that it becomes a part of their household. People are required to water their tree every day and then return it to the hub they collected them from. The company takes the trees back to the farm and cares for them for another year. 

This organization is providing a wonderful solution to a big problem during the holiday season. If you rent a tree from them, it will be personal, economical and you will be doing your share of taking care of the environment. The holiday spirit is correctly conveyed by a tree, however, people often have other creative solutions for replacing this tradition. For instance, a man revealed on Twitter that he has been using a cardboard cutout of Danny DeVito in place of the tree complete with string lights and decorations.




Since being uploaded on December 19, this tweet has received over 150k likes and 13k retweets, making it one of the most popular on social media. It eventually caught DeVito's attention, who tweeted the picture along with the message: "Love being your Christmas Danny." Some people shared pictures of DeVito's face on their Christmas trees as the star of Bethlehem, while others made souvenirs out of his face or even covered a life-size cutout of him with fake foliage to make it resemble a tree. Some individuals used the actor's cutout as part of their holiday décor by dressing him up as Santa Claus. Others also uploaded holiday decorations that featured cutouts of the Pope, Keanu Reeves, Ludacris, and several other well-known people.

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