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Community rescues adorable kitten trapped in drain by moving 5000 pounds of concrete

Rescuers tirelessly move 5,000 pounds of concrete to save a meowing kitten trapped deep in a storm drain.

Community rescues adorable kitten trapped in drain by moving 5000 pounds of concrete
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Strong Island Animal Rescue League Screenshot

Cat owners will know that their pets have a tendency to get stuck in tight spaces due to their curious nature. Moreover, they are very agile, enabling them to reach into nooks and crannies that humans cannot reach. However, sometimes, they end up misjudging the space and get trapped. This can lead to very challenging rescue missions. A kitten recently fell into a storm drain located around Port Jefferson Station on Long Island, New York.


The cute kitten, named Lawrence, fell into the 30-foot-deep drain on 8th September, 2023. A passerby called Fletch Jacobs heard the kitten mewing from the bottom of the drain that also happened to have a 5000-pound concrete slab lying on it. Strong Island Animal Rescue, an outreach organization focused on offering food, medicines and proper shelter to neglected animals, were called to the spot along with local police. They both had to coordinate and remove the hefty concrete slab in order to save the kitten.


The rescue utilized a hydraulic tool known as the "Jaws of Life" to reach the kitten who fell so deep into the tunnel, per ABC7 New York. The kitten was then sent to Jefferson Animal Hospital for recuperation. In a Facebook post by the rescue organization, they mention that the entire operation was similar to a famous scene from an Indiana Jones movie where the protagonist had to do something similar to get the treasure. They write, "He is coming along very quickly and we will have him ready for adoption in no time."


Animal rescue organizations really go the distance to ensure that neglected or abused animals are taken care of. In another wholesome story, a neglected horse was rescued by Payton Christian, who documented the entire story on her TikTok account @paytonchristian. She named the horse Thaddeus. Payton, who manages a nonprofit animal rescue center, initially shared a video that revealed the "worst rescue case to date."

Image Source: TikTok | @paytonchristian
Image Source: TikTok | @paytonchristian

This caught people's attention and they wanted to know more about the animal, which led to Payton providing regular updates to her followers about Thaddeus' condition on the social media website. In her first video, she mentions how she was called to collect a horse who was in a very bad state. The animal was left at a Barn with no one to care for it and Payton eventually had to get involved with the rescue despite commemorating her grandpa's death anniversary.

Image Source: TikTok | @paytonchristian
Image Source: TikTok | @paytonchristian

As soon as she got to the location, she was shocked to see the horse's condition. She said, "I wasn't exactly expecting this. The owners were still feeding him, but he had been locked in this stall for years, as you can tell from the buildup. And he had not left that stall for at least ten years." The video shows how the barn was very poorly maintained, with trash dumped all over and the horse's hooves growing long enough to curl around themselves.


Seeing the dire situation, she contacted a vet and immediately took the horse to them. Payton then shared a second video to update her followers on what happened to the horse and the video managed to amass an impressive 50 million views owing to the massive improvement of the animals' condition. She posted a final video, where the horse almost seemed unrecognizable because of a clean haircut and being much healthier. 

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