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Community comes together to help police chief get seizure response dog for his 9-year-old

She urgently needed a seizure response dog, but the high cost of obtaining one posed a significant challenge for the family.

Community comes together to help police chief get seizure response dog for his 9-year-old
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Keeping Up With Kynadee

The power of community can never be underestimated. Having strong bonds with people living around you pays massive dividends during personal emergencies. This is what Delvon Campell is personally experiencing as the community he served diligently for 20 years is coming together to help him take care of his precious little girl, reports People. Kynadee, his 9-year-old, was in urgent need of a seizure response dog. In the process of procuring it, the family realized that it was quite an expensive pursuit. Seeing Campbell struggle like this, the community came forward and began contributing to ensure that Kynadee got the help she needed.


Campbell has been associated with the police department of Decatur in Texas for the last two decades. In his position, he has time and again turned up to help people in distress and trouble, no matter what turmoil his family might have been going through. One of his daughters, Kynadee, has struggled with medical issues throughout her entire life. She has always had respiratory problems, cerebral palsy and epilepsy, reports WFAA. Her condition escalated over the Labor Day weekend. She had 25 seizures. Ashley, Campbell's wife, stated in the interview that her daughter had several close brushes with death during those times.

“The seizures started happening more frequently and they changed from the normal seizures she’d been having previously,” Campbell told the Wise County Messenger newspaper in September, “She’d been having multiple seizures pretty much back to back and none of the medicines were working.”

Seemingly at a loss on how to deal with this development, the doctors suggested a plan to the Campbell family. They asked them to get a seizure response dog, who warns them of an upcoming seizure and protects their daughter during those crucial times. Epilepsy Foundation states that such dogs are trained particularly to help people suffering from seizures. The dogs perform certain patterns of behavior, during or after a seizure. It helps make people aware of the situation in tow and get the apt help. Laws have been put in place to allow individuals to use such dogs in public places.


The family readily agreed to the suggestion and began researching. Unfortunately, they found out that such dogs cost $30,000 at a minimum and with medical costs the family will have to pay a hefty $60,000. The family did not have that much money. They needed to quickly arrange the money as time was of the essence since even after accumulating the money they needed to go through a waitlist of six to eight months.


To help the family, a fundraiser was arranged on a GoFundMe page. The message on the page reads, "As one could imagine, caring for two busy girls, in addition to providing Kynadee around-the-clock care and monitoring are both mentally and physically exhausting. We hope to be able to ease some of this burden by helping them acquire a Seizure Response Dog." Till now, $41,180 has been arranged from the $50,000 goal. Donations have outpoured from all over the community, with everyone helping as much as they can.


The family is touched. Campbell told WFAA, “They’d stop by and say 'Look, here’s as much money as I can give,' and I’m like, 'Look, you don’t have to do that.' But that’s what we have here." As per the update on GoFundMe, a different seizure medicine seems to have finally done the work and stopped the seizures for the time being. She is now back at her home recuperation, as shared by her parents on Facebook.

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