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15 common things society labels as wrong that are actually fine

Society comes with its own rules and laws but perspective matters when it comes to labeling actions as wrong.

15 common things society labels as wrong that are actually fine
Cover Image Source; Reddit/ u/Amasher69429

Society has established rules and laws that we, as humans, are expected to follow. While part of it appears to make sense, others seem to be quite contrived. Certain aspects are deemed inappropriate, wrong, or even taboo, yet our responsibility as members of this society is to change such erroneous views. Everybody wants to be correct and villainizing others with different opinions has become a sport. Try creating a Twitter account. What was once social media has now become a courtroom. Because society is divided and filled with people "just like us," we don't take corrective action. We take sides.

We tend to oversimplify reality and categorize them as 'right' and 'wrong.' Our minds are constantly under pressure to justify our opinions or hide our flaws because of this depleting cycle. We dread making mistakes and facing scrutiny. Our lives are gradually becoming far more stressful due to our constant drive to be right. Recently, a Reddit user asked fellow Redditors to talk about things that society considers to be wrong but is perfectly normal, so we have cataloged some of the best responses for you to read and resonate with. From harmless behavioral patterns that shouldn't hold any moral ethics, this list is a reminder that most societal views are arbitrary. 

1.  Failing is a part of the process

Failing. Failing does not mean you are a failure. Just means you tried something and it didn't work out right. It is very possible that "Those who never failed also never tried." is true. - u/EldritchKoala

2. It's called being mature

Having disagreements. Totally normally to disagree with people. It’s even more normal to disagree with your friends and still remain friends. - u/ZenoSalts


3. You do you

Doing nothing with my free time. I work and have chores. When I don't have those things, I don't feel like hiking or scuba diving or anything. I want to do nothing. Leave me alone. - u/Val_Hallen

4. Please make up your mind

Politicians changing their minds when presented with new information. - u/hey_you_too_buckaroo

5. Kindness is the best response

A lot of people are quick to call you "fake" if you're polite to those you dislike. It's not being fake, it's being civil. - u/ChuushaHime


6. Think before you act

There's been this trend lately to "cut out toxic people" and there seems to be absolutely no balance. Don't continually put up with mistreatment but man I've seen people cut off very close years-long friendships at the first sign of trouble rather than understanding they might be going through something. - u/Grand-Pen7946

7. Nothing wrong with that

Not tipping workers who do basic stuff like handing me a cup of coffee or a takeout bag. It’s okay to not want to pay 20% for just handing me stuff I bought. - u/cocomelon36

8. Normalise living your life

Not being married or having children by a certain age. Dedicating time to yourself for self care, mental health and overall wellbeing. For some reason people think that’s wrong and that you should work until you die. The whole live to work concept is daunting.- u/Lupa910


9. Not everything is toxic

Sticking around through hard times. Sometimes it's not toxic, people are just flailing cause they need help, and if you help you may find a very loyal and worthwhile relationship. - u/ShrewdBaby

10. Take accountability

Admitting you were wrong. - u/Dragon_wryter

11. Alone time is important

Doing things (like going to a restaurant) alone. - u/littlephrogboyo


12. Slow down, sheesh

This neurotic society that demand us to achieve and do stuff every single second and almost in our sleep as well. - u/Gothzombie

13. Learn from your mistakes

Making mistakes. I've fucked up a lot in my life, A LOT, but I've learned from it, grown, and become a better person than I would have been if I'd never made those poor choices. Making mistakes isn't bad, choosing to not learn from them is.- u/Taco-Dragon


14. Be understanding

In my experience, some people see not being close with your family as a red flag. Not sure why. Like, sorry? I didn't get to pick my family. Lol. - u/ballslongerthanmypp

15. Enough said

Sensitive straight guys. u/RutDoggy

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