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Comedian turns Trump's word vomit into hilarious viral videos

Sarah Cooper lip-syncs to the United States President Donald Trump's press conferences to make all the ridiculous things he says more evident.

Comedian turns Trump's word vomit into hilarious viral videos
Image Source: sarahcpr / Twitter

Have you ever been tuned into the news when United States Donald Trump is speaking and thought to yourself, "Wait, what the actual eff is he saying?" Well, you're not alone. If you look around you and see that nobody else seems to think we live in strange times, don't worry - Comedian Sarah Cooper has taken note of Trump's word vomit and turned it into comedic gold. Equipped with a camera and brilliant acting skills, she takes his interviews and acts them out in order to show viewers just how unbelievable some of the things he says are. Her videos really put into perspective who our President is.



Over the past few weeks of the ongoing lockdown, Cooper has kept herself - and all her online followers - entertained by lip-syncing some of Trump's worst moments at press conferences. From briefings about Coronavirus to #Obamagate, this comedian has covered pretty much all the weird and bizarre things he has said in the past. However, knowing Trump, you know that she will never run out of content. In an interview with The Guardian, she claimed the videos were a way to highlight how "ridiculous" things are. It all began when the President suggested injecting bleach in order to protect yourself from the novel Coronavirus (side note: DO NOT DO THAT, PLEASE!).



The thing of trying to put light into your body and inject[ing] household cleaner into your veins – it was so visual to me, and I thought, ‘I have to make this,'" Cooper explained. "It is interesting because as a writer you want to heighten how ridiculous things are. But everything he says is already so ridiculous that it is hard to heighten it." She first uploaded her videos to TikTok, a new video sharing platform primarily dominated by pre-teens. Though she isn't the target audience for the app, she found quite the following on the platform. She said, "[I am] not the normal demographic for TikTok, which is full of 11-year-olds – many of whom are sad that I am on it."



The interesting thing about Cooper's work is that she doesn't really try to mock or parody him. She quite literally just lip-syncs. This also means that it's a way to combat Trump supporters who try to gaslight those fighting against his bigotry - they can no longer claim he didn't say what he is on record saying to an audience of reporters on national television. The comedian shared, "I saw people saying they shared [my videos] with Trump supporters and for once there is nothing they can say. The clip is literally, completely unedited – I haven’t edited [the audio] at all – so what can they say to argue with it?"




All Cooper needs to do is execute some of the best facial expressions ever. This means her viewers don't have to actually watch Trump himself, a man who invokes for so many, feelings of dread. "People really hate Trump – a lot," she said. "They hate his voice. They hate looking at him. They hate everything about him." Through her videos, her viewers can stay informed while also avoiding that sinking feeling in the pit of their stomachs. Cooper continued, "I feel like we’ve been gaslighted for years, being told it is totally normal for a President to say things like this. It is a very validating thing to see something remind you that, no, this is actually ridiculous and we can all agree on that."



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