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Comedian sarcastically trolls racists on Critical Race theory at school board meeting

Walter Masterson pretended to be a conservative as he made talking points against CRT at the school board meeting.

Comedian sarcastically trolls racists on Critical Race theory at school board meeting
Image source: Youtube/WalterMasterson

Comedian Walter Masterson is making waves once again as he gave a satirical rant about critical race theory at a school board meeting. This time, he's done it at a school meeting in Long Island, New York, reported God.DailyDot. There are no shortages of bizarre rants at school board meetings, so Masterson fit right in, as he trolled those who are stirring up the hysteria surrounding critical race theory. There have been widespread calls for schools to teach about America's own racist past on the back of a year that saw protests across the country. CRT seeks to understand the legacy of racism and how systemic racism continues to result in discrimination and disadvantage. Right-wing and conservative outlets have been using critical race theory as a bogeyman to whip up fear.



Masterson showed how ridiculous some of the arguments were against CRT. "The left would have us think that it’s a bunch of racist white people that tore down Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that it was the governor working with the police that caused the Tulsa massacre,” said Masterson. “But you want to know what destroyed Black Wall Street? Socialism.” The crowd is slightly confused, but the conservatives in the crowd starting applauding Masterson, assuming he's on their side. Masterson then tells another story that sounds like yet another conservative rant. “So my niece comes home from school and tells us that she learned that George Washington owned slaves,” he starts. “Now tell me, does that sound like an appropriate subject for a second-year law school student?” He continues, "I’m not a legal expert, but I thought the point of law school was to study the Constitution. So I told my niece, I said, ‘listen, yes, he owned slaves, but he also discovered the Declaration of Independence.” 



That in itself was not true. The Declaration of Independence was not 'discovered' but written by John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Roger Sherman, and Robert Livingston, before being adopted in 1776. George Washington was in no manner involved but then again facts are not the friends of conservatives making arguments against CRT. Just when you think Masterson is done, he takes the conversation in a completely different direction. “And in our family, we protect the Declaration of Independence, because we feel that it’s not just a piece of paper, alright, it’s a map that leads to a great treasure of Templar gold, and that’s why Nicolas Cage tried to steal it,” said Masterson dramatically, referring to the fictional movie National Treasure. 



The conservatives, who weren't wearing masks, seem fidgety and uncomfortable at this point, having already enthusiastically clapped for his comment about socialism destroying Black Wall Street. Despite making it clear that he was being satirical, or was a complete lunatic, Masterson got the conservatives to cheer him again as he screamed, "Who wants to protect the Constitution before liberals do. Let's steal it first" Not that any liberal had ever threatened to steal the Declaration of Independence. Masterson signs off hilarious fashion. “You know, a lot of people are saying that we’re racist just because we don’t want to teach Black history in our school system.” He then completely goes silent pretending to search for the right words but then lets the awkward silence for a good 15 seconds. One of the board members, who just couldn't catch on, encouraged him, “It’ll come to you, don’t worry.”

Spoiler alert. It didn't.
Masterson said thank you, having made his point and exited the stage.   

You can watch the whole video here: 

















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