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Comedian Leslie Jones beautifully explains why you are always in control of your happiness

She was responding to rumors that she wanted to quit comedy before getting into SNL.

Comedian Leslie Jones beautifully explains why you are always in control of your happiness
Cover Image Source: YouTube | The View

Many of us have struggled to find happiness and satisfaction in our daily jobs and always wonder about the consequences of quitting them. However, there is always guilt attached to the idea of quitting any job especially if it is something you had always wanted. However, comedian Leslie Jones has a fresh perspective for people who feel like quitting their careers or job. She appeared on The View and was asked, "Right before you got the 'SNL' Gig, you were thinking about quitting comedy."



It was shocking to hear that a talented comedian like Jones wanted to quit comedy but she took her time to answer this question. She said, "People love to throw that about to quit comedy. There’s no about to quit something I have been doing for 20, 30 years." She added that there is "frustration" and "rethinking" that led her to think of that. She explained her mindset at the time, "Maybe I’m not taking the right path to get to where I need to be, and at that time, I was older. I was a headliner, and I was doing these gigs and you know how the gigs is." 


She continued to share that she was in Indianapolis when she learned that she might not get SNL. "I was just sitting in that hotel room, and you’re old. Like, I just had to fight the promoter for my money. I don’t know how much longer I can do this," she added. Jones further said, "It's okay to come home and go, 'I want to quit'," and added, "You are in control of your happiness. You are. Not your job, not your love, not your money and not your environment." 

Image Source: Getty Images/Paras Griffin
Image Source: Getty Images/Paras Griffin


Jones also had an important message for everyone, she said, "If you are not happy, find out what makes you happy. If there’s a goal, you not dead. You can start at 99 and you not dead." This clip from the interview has been popularly shared on social media platforms. On Twitter, it has gathered almost 250k views and several comments from people appreciating the message Jones wanted to convey. 

Twitter user @CedricBrazle commented, "This is hella important. it’s okay to have a bad day/moment, as long as you keep going." Another person, @jessesanchez added, "She's got the gift of being able to give people tough love without hurting them. A great leadership skill IMO." 




No job or career is more important than your happiness and well-being and there is another person who has just proven that. A 22-year-old basketball player decided to retire and focus on his mental health. Tyrell Terry, who was picked 31st overall by the Dallas Mavericks in the 2020 NBA Draft, announced his retirement from the game on Instagram. Terry's agent, Daniel Poneman, shared Terry's letter on Twitter, emphasizing the young man's challenges and bravery in speaking out about his situation. He revealed that he faced severe anxiety attacks and just wants to focus on his mental health and well-being.

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