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Comedian hilariously shares the unique dog names that veterinarians come across at a clinic

Vets encounter several different pet names daily but some peculiar ones stick with them and this comedian is highlighting that in the best way possible.

Comedian hilariously shares the unique dog names that veterinarians come across at a clinic
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @kenzomizumoto

People's love for their pets knows no bounds and, as a result, they often give them quirky names that have roots in pop culture. Pets are given a variety of names from various characters that people know from popular TV shows, movies and books. Kenzo Mizumoto—who goes by @kenzomizumoto on Instagram—posted a hilarious video about how vets often encounter unique pet names at their jobs.

Image Source: Instagram | @kenzomizumoto
Image Source: Instagram | @kenzomizumoto

The text overlay on the video reads, "Veterinarians calling their next patients nowadays:" Mizumoto adorns a white lab coat and holds up a tablet, saying, "Okay, so our first patient of the day is a dog." He looks closely at the tablet to announce the dog's name, scrunching his eyebrows and funnily reads out, "Hairy Potter," which is a nice and comedic twist to the name of the protagonist of the Harry Potter series. The video cuts to reveal a dog adorned in what "Harry Potter" fans will recognize as "Gryffindor" clothing.

Image Source: Instagram | @kenzomizumoto
Image Source: Instagram | @kenzomizumoto

Mizumoto continues to go through the list, reading out many more quirky names. A corgi is named "Mushu" about the Chinese dragon we see in Disney's popular animated film, "Mulan." After that, we see a slightly annoyed dog wearing a blonde wig called "Sarah Jessica Barker." The dog's owner is probably a big fan of the Hollywood actress and decided to name their dog after her.

Image Source: Instagram | @kenzomizumoto
Image Source: Instagram | @kenzomizumoto

Some names are a bit more creative, with one of the pets being named after a popular series, "Emily in Paris." Mizumoto reads it out and finds it a bit difficult to believe that somebody named their dog that. There is one more reference to the "Harry Potter" series with a cat named "Draco Meowfoy," a playful twist on the antagonist's name from the movies. Mizumoto continues to go through the list with more names until he stops at one that is extremely long and dark.

He reads out, "Levi, the Titan Slayer, Blade of Death and Humanity's Strongest Soldier." Mizumoto is confused and holds up his tablet, wondering if that is what he said. For those who don't know, this name is a reference to a character from the popular anime series, "Attack on Titan." While the name is quite scary, it turns out that Levi is an adorable cat dressed up to look like he is carrying two swords.

Mizumoto continues to go through the list with even more absurd and funny names till he stops at the final name, "Ariel," referring to the popular Disney princess. Ariel is a cute pug, wearing a red wig and a mermaid costume. People loved the video and shared their pet's names in the comments section. @southernbelle1389 said, "My cat's name is Princess Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi. But she prefers Mia."

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@roguepeanut22 shared, "One of my corgis is named Prince Eugene Ruckus Con Corgenstein of House Wigglebutt." Another individual, @martacanga, commented, "I'm sure this vet has seen many orange cats called Garfield." @lucrecialavigan pointed out, "All of them small pets, can you imagine the size of my dogs? They are called Thor and Loki."

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