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College student strategically reports toxic co-worker at job for stealing student welfare fund

A college student reports their toxic coworker who happened to be claiming student welfare funds illegally, resulting in her being fired.

College student strategically reports toxic co-worker at job for stealing student welfare fund
Representative Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Mental Health America, (R) Reddit/u/Agreeable-Key3914

It is common knowledge that most employers are looking to maximize profits and see employees as replaceable assets. So, it doesn't always come as a surprise when they showcase insensitive behavior to their employees to a certain degree. However, toxic coworkers can be just as stressful in making an individual's life difficult. u/Agreeable-Key3914 had an intriguing story to share about getting back at their hostile coworker at a pizza shop. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Anna Tarazevich
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Anna Tarazevich

The individual begins the post by saying that his name is John and that he worked at a pizza shop while he was in college. He writes, "I worked with Sarah, a vindictive lady who would stir up a lot of drama. Sarah would pick a target and then bully them into quitting." He then states that he was not able to receive student welfare because his parents' income was high. However, they did not support him financially. 

So, John needed the job to make ends meet while attending college. The situation worsened when Matt, a fresh hire at the establishment, decided to quit because of Sarah's harassment. She then decided to make John's life difficult by harassing him at work. This ranged from her shouting at him, not warning him if pans in the kitchen were still hot and conspiring with her friends to accuse him of "slacking off" at work.

He writes, "This took a toll on me. My hours were cut, impacting both my financial and mental well-being. I even considered dropping out of college because I was struggling to afford rent." John found out that Sarah had been illegally claiming student welfare even though she was employed at the pizza shop. Individuals could only claim student welfare if they were unemployed.

Sarah wanted to be a lawyer and happened to be pursuing her law degree. He points out, "The thing about being a lawyer is that you need to be admitted to the 'bar' to begin practicing." John mentions how the whole industry was very strict in such matters and how accusations of plagiarism in college could prevent one from ever being a lawyer. He writes, "Frankly, she was stupid for defrauding the government."

John states how the government had an anonymous complaints line for reporting welfare fraud. But most of the time, they never actually followed up. He decided to do something about her toxic behavior at the workplace and called them, informing them about Sarah's fraudulent practice and other details. Soon enough, some officials came in saying that multiple complaints had been registered against her. Their boss decided to let them question Sarah and look through their CCTV footage.

He writes, "She panicked, confessing to everything. I felt no sympathy for her. As a law student, she should've known to remain silent." John concluded the post by saying that she received a suspended sentence that would very likely prevent her from becoming a lawyer. Moreover, she ended up dropping out of college, while John continued to work till he graduated and managed to land a decent job elsewhere.



Image Source: Reddit/u/Responsible_Milk_421
Image Source: Reddit/u/Responsible_Milk_421


Image Source: Reddit/u/Zoreb1
Image Source: Reddit/u/Zoreb1

People on the platform supported John's decision to report Sarah. u/ilp456 said, "She was messing with people's livelihoods, doing something she knew was illegal while studying law and receiving welfare that should've gone to others. I have no sympathy for her." u/gtcartist pointed out, "So glad she's not practicing law. The damage she could have done with the power of the law behind her is unconscionable."

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