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Coldplay invites mom to sing for her disabled son watching at home: ‘My child needs magic’

In their recent concert, Chris Martin noticed a mom's sign that stood out among all and called her on the stage.

Coldplay invites mom to sing for her disabled son watching at home: ‘My child needs magic’
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @metha_meilanei

Music has a power that makes it soothing and relatable at majestic levels. Many artists understand this power and feeling and know what it means to fans to have those very songs performed live in front of their eyes. Chris Martin from Coldplay has long been touching fans’ hearts with his emotional and life-changing encounters during concerts. A mom Metha Bagus has gone viral for a similar sentimental encounter that felt nothing less than a comforting hug. The singer who went on a world tour to Asia and Australia recently came across Bagus who has a disabled son who could not attend the concert.

Image Source: Coldplay perform on stage at Optus Stadium on November 18, 2023 in Perth, Australia. (Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)
Image Source: Coldplay performed on stage at Optus Stadium on November 18, 2023, in Perth, Australia. (Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)

She shared her encounter with the singer on Instagram and it’s heart-melting. Metha was holding up a sign just like everyone else. Martin did a round and went around reading signs he could lay his eyes on when he spotted hers. He finished his round and said, “Where’s that sign?” on the mic. As soon as he spotted it again, he said, “Hi, I’d like you to come up on stage please.” that read, “I need ‘Magic’ for my special needs son, please sing Chris.” Martin noticed the sign and invited her up on stage. Bagus in tears, began conversing with Martin. “I saw your sign,” he said, as he comforted the mom who was bawling her eyes out, unable to believe that she was about to have an extraordinary experience.

Image Source: Instagram|@metha_melanei
Image Source: Instagram | @metha_meilanei

“Metha, you’re representing everybody else. It is 60,000 people in one person,” Martin said. “What is your son’s name?” he asked after taking the sign and reading it aloud. “Is he here?” he asked. She revealed that her son was back in Kuala Lumpur. “Everybody is filming this so he’s going to see this, okay?” the singer said. He then invited her to sing with him, “Magic” one of his top hits from 2014. “We’re going to sing magic for Zidan,” he told the mom as she felt overwhelmingly grateful. Mesmerized by her gratitude and love, he added, “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

Image Source: Instagram|@metha_meilanei
Image Source: Instagram | @metha_meilanei

After the mom thanked him, “Zindan,” Chris said and he began to play a melodious rendition of Magic on his keyboard. “Call it magic, call it true, I call it magic, sitting next to you. And I just got broken, broken into two. Still, I call it magic when I'm next to you,” Chris sang with Metha who couldn’t help but mouth a tearful thank you every time she could. People were sending best wishes to Metha along with the many other electric emotions that flowed through them. The sentimental value of the moment was greatly visible through Metha’s reactions. After they sang the song, Chris gave Metha a warm hug that was indeed “magic” for her.

Image Source: Instagram|@metha_meilanei
Image Source: Instagram | @metha_meilanei

The mom thanked Coldplay in her caption for their loving support and wrote, “Can’t hold my tears. To be honest, my heart was broken after I gave birth to my first son. It’s not easy to fix it even after 7 years. but this is the moment for self-healing.” @themoli_sathasivam said, “I'm happy for you, Zindan’s mom, we are divided by color and whatnot, but united through music and motherhood feelings.” @ielly.yaacub said, “So happy for you and I cry watching this.”

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