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Co-workers throw their colleague a 'grandpa-shower' and it's the most adorable thing ever

According to the video, he has worked in that office for more than 30 years.

Co-workers throw their colleague a 'grandpa-shower' and it's the most adorable thing ever
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @GoodNewsCorres1

Grandparents have a special bond with their grandchildren, even before they are born. They are usually among the happiest to know that their children are expecting a new member to join the family, so don't they also deserve a "grandpa or grandma shower?"

In a video uploaded on Twitter, a  grandfather can be seen entering his office and being surprised. The text overlay on the clip reads: "The ladies at my dad's work threw him a surprise 'grandpa shower.' He is then seen looking at the gifts and becoming emotional. He takes out a gift in which it is written, "My Gramps loves me more than baseball." There is also a banner in the background stating: "Congrats Gramps." The text reads, "Can we make a grandparent showers a thing?" It ends with a clip with his daughter and reads, "Can't wait to celebrate with you and Clare Bear."

Twitter | @GoodNewsCorres1
Twitter | @GoodNewsCorres1

The video was originally uploaded by his daughter on social media @Lilaraffaela. According to the video, he has worked in that office for more than 30 years. The video has garnered about 11,800 views. The viral video is captioned, "Coworkers threw him a surprise 'grandpa shower!'"

Twitter | @GoodNewsCorres1
Twitter | @GoodNewsCorres1


People on the internet found the gesture very sweet. A user wrote, "This is Adorable!" Another said, "So nice." Another user said, "That's so cute."

In another heartwarming video involving grandparents, a woman tattooed her grandparents' names in their own handwriting. Agustina Wetzel from Argentina wanted to honor their presence in her life by doing this. The grandparents, Marcos, and Celoy, were overwhelmed and emotional when she showed them the tattoo. She shared the video on Twitter with the caption: "I asked my grandparents to write their names for me 'for a practical project at the university' but in reality, they were to tattoo them on me, and I will keep their reaction forever." 

“I was going to make a drawing made by them but my sister and my parents had the idea of having my grandparents’ names written by themselves, I thought it was an excellent idea!” Wetzel told Bored Panda. She asked her grandparents to sign their names on a piece of paper, telling them that she needed it for college. After they signed on the paper, she took it to a tattoo artist and got it tattooed just above her ankle.  

When she showed it to them, she asked them, “Remember writing your names for me some time ago?” Her grandfather got very emotional and started crying. He asked to see the tattoo again and he couldn't believe his eyes. She then goes on to give him a hug. 

Wetzel said that family is very important to her. "My grandparents were the first people from my family I did this tattoo for, but I would do it to anyone I love without hesitation," she said. She didn't expect her grandparents to react this way. Before this, whenever she had a tattoo she told him that it was temporary but this time, when she told him, "this one would last for a lifetime, he was so thrilled!"


For Wetzel, her grandparents are her superheroes. She said, "Grandparents always mark a before and after, they pamper us and teach us a lot since we are little kids. You are lucky if you got the chance to meet your grandparents. They are really amazing."

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