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Climate activist explains why electric cars may not be a boon for the future and it's eye-opening

She pointed out some relevant reasons why electric cars should not be recommended as preferred transport and people agree.

Climate activist explains why electric cars may not be a boon for the future and it's eye-opening
Cover Image Source: X (Twitter) | @xiyebastida

The world is shifting toward technology and removing as much manual effort as possible. While many look at it as a progressive development, others see it as a bane to human existence. From being an enhancer to the world, technology has made the world dependent on itself and according to many, it's not looking good. A 21-year-old climate justice activist, Xiye Bastida, shared her eye-opening views on X (previously Twitter) and talked about why electric cars are not the best alternative for the future. She highlights the importance of saving the climate and becoming sustainable and shares why electric vehicles are not ideal for the future.

Image Source: Twitter| @xiyebastida
Image Source: Twitter | @xiyebastida

While the same seems to be a cost-efficient mode of transport, Bastida revealed concerning reasons why people should avoid it. In her conversation, Bastida gave a clear no-no to use electric vehicles. “Electric vehicles are about saving the auto industry and not the environment,” Bastid boldly highlighted. “Electric vehicles rely on cities that are built for cars and not for people,” she added. The activist also revealed that electrical vehicles rely on lithium lining, which is a threat to several communities across the globe. Bastida deemed the use of these vehicles as harmful and unnecessary. “In general, why come up with a new thing when we can start funding public transportation?” the woman pointed out. Bastida also made a strong case for the fact that it’s better to have public transport the majority of people can access easily than to have expensive and overrated creations.

Image Source: Twitter| @xiyebastida
Image Source: Twitter| @xiyebastida

She further mentioned how driving is scary and doesn’t need more to add to it. “Build cities for people, not cars,” the interviewer added. Her reposted video received over 5 million views and people had mixed views about Bastida’s opinions. @IsabeauVidal said, “Why not both? Seriously! I’m all for making cities more people/pedestrian-friendly with excellent public transport. I live in NYC & usually walk, bike, or take the subway when I’m here. But there’s lots of people who don’t live in cities for whom electric cars make tons of sense.” Bastida further shared her opinion about the comment and said, “Of course, this is specific to cities (where most people live), but it would be nice if even in small towns, public transportation was more accessible. We can start with car-free zones and people-centric urban planning.”


@justin_ab_sf said, “The only reason I have an EV is because I live in LA with no public transport that allows me to commute to work. I would gladly give it up if LA built better public transit, but until then, an EV still has a better carbon footprint over its lifetime of use.” @the_azaz said, “We should deemphasize personal autos while also making the cars we do need (as well as the public transportation itself) produce minimal emissions. Electric vehicles help that latter aim and don’t necessarily impede the former.” @konpeimimi said, “The only reason I have a license and car is because it’s required where I live to function. I dream of living in another country where it’s built seamlessly for public transit with walkability also in mind.”



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