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Client doesn’t 'feel like paying' editor for work done. But they had the best comeback lined up.

The client was on a deadline and wanted the video editor to stitch together clips within 45 minutes for a work-related event.

Client doesn’t 'feel like paying' editor for work done. But they had the best comeback lined up.
Image source: Video Editor Works with Footage on Her Personal Computer/Getty Images Insert: Reddit/r/ChoosingBeggars

Editor's note: This article was originally published on November 19, 2021. It has since been updated.

Creative people continue to be easy targets for exploitation, often under the garb of providing exposure but as they say, 'exposure' doesn't pay the rent. A video editor took to Reddit to share an experience of a client trying to rip them off. The user who goes by u/nitiddesigns on the platform is into photo editing, graphic design work and video editing. They shared that a lady had messaged them requesting they edit a clip, giving them just a 45-minute deadline. They were out on a walk but promised to head home immediately and start working on the clip. They informed her it would cost her 20 euros (about $23). The entitled woman then started to attack them and played the victim, accusing them of exploiting her. The Reddit user had been working in the creative industry for more than six years, so they had come across far too many clients such as her and knew how to handle the situation, reported Bored Panda.

Professional Videographer Works on Desktop Computer Using Video Editing Software/Getty Images


As any creative professional will testify, there are far too many people trying to rip them off, and even more so if you're not established. While u/nitiddesigns is a first-year college student, they still had a lot of experience in the field. "I’ve got quite a lot of experience under my belt!” they told Bored Panda. “For every 5 clients I do work for, I usually have at least one of them who raises some issues like the ones seen in the post,” said u/nitiddesigns. They added that it was one thing to bargain, but another to try and rip them off. 



They shared screenshots of the exchange. When told about the price (20 euros), she responds, "Are you kidding me? No." The video editor responds, saying it's only $5 more because the 45-minute deadline meant they had to drop everything else and focus their entire energy on her work which otherwise would normally take longer to do. She responds, "20 for less than an hours' work is actually insane. You're exploiting me right now."



While staying mum on the price, she urges them to stitch the clips together, claiming that her job was on the line. "I'm legit gonna get fired if I don't get this done." The video editor had seen way too many clients like this and made it clear that she had to agree to the price and only then would they start with the project. She still doesn't agree and accuses them of "holding her to ransom." She then says, "You're sick in the head if you think this is funny." Yes, because nothing is funnier than paying for labor. The Reddit user makes it evident once again that the ball was in her court, and the decision was hers to make. She gives in and agrees to pay 20 euros.



The video editor gets to work and shares a downloadable Google Drive link with the client. She appreciates their work but then reveals that she never intended to pay, and then laughs at them. The editor simply replied, "Fine by me," accompanied by a thumbs up. She then realizes that the file is locked and she actually needs their permission to access the file. She starts abusing them. "Why did you lock the file? Little b*tch. F*ck you."



The editor had the last laugh and said they wouldn't give her permission to access the file even if it meant she paid up now. It was a matter of principle. When she begs them to unlock the file, they replied, "I don't feel like it." Reddit lauded them for the response, with some urging them to send screenshots of the conversation to her boss. One person said even at 20 euros it was a steal. "Shiiiiiiit £20 is about the minimum I would charge for just ending my walk early. Raise those prices!!"


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