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Boy with autism showered with Valentines from school after being rejected by his crush

Heather Starr opened up about her neurodivergent teenager getting rejected by his crush when he asked her to be his Valentine.

Boy with autism showered with Valentines from school after being rejected by his crush
Cover Image Source: An overhead view of a family making heart-shaped Valentine cards for the holiday. Could also be a daycare or elementary school depiction. (Getty Images / Ryan JLane)

A teen from Colorado was rejected publicly by his crush at school, but what follows next will warm your heart. His mother, Heather Starr, shared a Facebook story from February 14 about her neurodivergent teenager, which has since been taken down. “You guys. My oldest baby is 14, and he has Autism and is very shy and socially awkward,” she wrote. “Yesterday, he made a poster for a girl at school and asked her to be his valentine at lunch in front of everyone. She said no.” Starr, who resides in Colorado, was unaware that her son was planning a romantic gesture. Speaking to TODAY, Starr, 36, says, “If I’d known, I would have suggested that he consider a less public approach,” adding that her son, Roman, has a “hard time understanding the nuances of social interactions.”

Roman was "very sad" when he was rejected, but his mother assured him he would be fine. Starr started crying when he was out of earshot. She claims, "I'm not angry with the girl for saying no," but she was "just crushed for him." However, Starr wasn't the only one who was heartbroken for Roman. The next day at school, the eighth-grader was met with a bunch of Valentines from his classmates who wanted to make him feel better. He was approached with cards and notes and also received a poster like the one he made for this crush. "They asked him to be their Valentine, and he said yes."



Starr wrote on Facebook: "Then the entire cafeteria cheered so loudly that they disrupted nearby classes, and everyone got in trouble and had to have a silent lunch period after that." That must be one hell of a lively cafeteria. "Moms have been telling me that their kids said it was worth it because of how happy Roman looked," said Starr. "He told me it was one of the best days of his entire life." Roman graciously accepted the poster that now hangs on his bedroom wall. He has also arranged and kept the cards on his desk. "Hey, you are amazing, just know that! I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day! BTW, I thought it was really brave of you to do what you did. "That took guts," one of Roman's classmates wrote.

Love is a wonderful feeling and kids experiencing their first crushes is the cutest thing ever. As we reported, another boy named Fynnton made an adorable card for his crush with a little help from his dad. "I want to make her a card," he told his dad. The duo then brainstormed ideas about what should be written on the card. But this young boy got straight to the point and said, "Will you be my girlfriend?" The following morning, before leaving to see the love of his life, he gets ready in a red suit and practices with his father. Later on in the video, he approaches her while holding a card, which she coyly takes before suggesting that they get married when they grow up.



I think we all can hear the wedding bells. "Instead of yes, she immediately says: "We can get married when we grow up." Goals,'' commented @MusicismyAddiction42. "Mothers, lock up your daughters. Fynnton is melting hearts," wrote @Poop Pooperson. "He is BEYOND adorable! Such a cute daddy-and-son bonding time :)," penned @xxyouknowyouloveme. "My girlfriend, upon seeing the one downvote: "someone's just jealous he can do something they can't." LOLZ someone has a dark soul," chimed @MarkAustin. If you have a girlfriend, you might want to hide her too because if you're not treating her treat, Flynton might come to sweep her off her feet. 

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