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Children's Christmas play goes hilariously wrong as one kid steals 'baby Jesus': 'Cant stop laughing'

A child playing a sheep in the play decided to go rogue and take the story in a different direction.

Children's Christmas play goes hilariously wrong as one kid steals 'baby Jesus': 'Cant stop laughing'
Cover Image Source: Twitter/@buitengebieden

Christmas is just around the corner and the Nativity story is re-created every year as part of the celebrations. However, when young children participate in these plays, it sometimes gives way to hilarious renditions of the Christmas Story. In one such hilarious instance uploaded on Twitter, a child who was playing a sheep in the play can be seen taking the story in a different direction when she picks up the doll representing baby Jesus from the crib. The child then begins swaying the doll and playing with it.

Getty Images | Photograph by Ariel Skelley
Getty Images | Photograph by Ariel Skelley


That's when another child—portraying Mary, the mother of Jesus—comes into the picture and tries to take the doll from her and put it back in the crib. However, she is unsuccessful in her attempt as the kid in the adorable sheep costume picks it up again and cuddles it. Toward the end of the video, Mary makes one more attempt to snatch the doll from the kid which ends up in a scuffle. Meanwhile, the audience can be heard laughing in the background.

Twitter | @buitengebieden
Image Source: Twitter/buitengebieden

The video tickled many online, gathering over 2.7 million views within two days of being uploaded. "Can't stop laughing," the caption read, and many Twitter users shared that they could relate. One said, "When Mary went all out gangsta on one of the sheep!" Another commented, "The children were having fun and the audience was too... so why did the lady have to step in and ruin everybody's good time." A third wrote: "Cute! Surprised the whole set didn't come crashing down towards the end."

Twitter | @buitengebieden
Image Source: Twitter/buitengebieden

Meanwhile, some couldn't help but note that the sheep in the play looked an awful lot like little pandas. A user wrote, "What is the point of two panda bears?" Another said, "There were two pandas - and who was the saintly soul in blue who applied the headlock at the end?"


In another video related to Christmas, a child is seen getting really excited to meet "Santa Claus" at a Walmart in Teays Valley while shopping with her family. The little one named Sophie Jo couldn't stop looking at a shopper in a red shirt as she was convinced he was Father Christmas himself. She eventually went up to him and asked him if he was Santa and the kind stranger, realizing how much it meant to her, played along. A video of their heartwarming interaction was captured by Sophie's sister and it shows the little girl approaching the man—who was actually a local shopper named Roger—and him kneeling down to talk to her. "I've been told you've been a good girl this year," he tells the young one. She then proudly shows him her hands to which he says, "Wow, haven't you got pretty nails." He then asks her: "Are you getting ready for Christmas? Are you looking for a tree here?" She responds "yes" and tells him that it is a big tree.

The girl's sister then prompts her: "Tell Santa what you're going to leave him." Hearing this, Roger asks Sophie, "'What are you going to put out for Santa this year?" The girl excitedly tells him that she'll be leaving out cookies for him when he comes to visit her house the night before Christmas. However, she adds that he has to share the cookies with Rudolph the reindeer and that Santa himself could only have one cookie.

The video clip concludes with the girl waving to Santa Claus and saying thank you. Before parting ways, Rogers wishes her a "happy Christmas" and tells his new friend that he has "got a lot of kids to buy for."


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