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Child's heartwarming Mother's Day card brings a smile to mom's face in trying times

The mother shared that her son saw her have a breakdown and wanted to do something to help out.

Child's heartwarming Mother's Day card brings a smile to mom's face in trying times
Cover Image Source: Pexels | Cottonbro Studio, Reddit | u/serendipity_444

While kids may struggle to comfort their parents with words, their actions often speak volumes. A mom was deeply moved when her 5-year-old son crafted an adorable card to brighten her Mother’s Day. The pictures of the card were posted on Reddit by the mother, u/serendipity_444. The post is captioned, “The Mother’s Day card my 5-year-old made me to cheer me up." The mother shared a touching backstory, revealing that she had recently had a mental breakdown and cried in front of her son.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Anastasia Shuraeva
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Anastasia Shuraeva

“Today, he gifted me a card he made with the help of my mom and Pinterest to cheer me up,” the woman wrote. She added that this was the first card she had ever gotten from her son. The card’s first page has a drawing of a boy climbing on a ladder and there are moon and stars above it. Next to the ladder, the child penned, “I love you to the moon, mama.” Inside the card is a drawing of a child and his mother holding hands and written above it, “Happy Mother’s Day” along with a heart in white. Below the drawing is the name of the child and he wrote "mama" beneath the woman’s picture.

Image Source: Reddit | u/serendipity_444
Image Source: Reddit | u/serendipity_444

The comments section overflowed with love for this heartfelt gesture. u/Initial_Pen2504 commented, “This is beautiful. His seeing you be vulnerable like you were when you had your breakdown will allow him to be vulnerable around you guys as well. Seems like you've got a sweet little boy on your hands. You did that. Happy Mother’s Day!” u/CPA_Lady wrote, “What a lovely card. My 11-year-old signed his Mother’s Day card to me with both his first and last name.” To which the 5-year-old's mom replied, "Aww that is cute! Thank you for sharing." She also added, "His first name and last name spelling are difficult. He is still learning spellings. I was so surprised that he did this. He heard about Mother's Day in FM." u/Critical-Art-9277 expressed, "That is absolutely beautiful with such loving and heartwarming words. What a sweetheart."

Children’s drawings often vividly express their feelings. In another story, a mom, Priya Amin, shared on X what her daughter drew, and she shared that it broke her heart. In the drawing, the mother can be seen working in front of a laptop and a child can be seen asking, "Mommy, are you done?" and the response is, "No." When the mom shared about this incident with her colleagues they told her that she should write a blog about it. "I chose to share the blog originally via a LinkedIn post because I knew this was something universally felt by parents everywhere right now and we’re all feeling like we’re shouldering this alone," she told Scary Mommy.


Many parents could resonate with this picture. "All I wanted to do was close my laptop and spend time with my kids, but I knew that if I didn't get a few important things done, I wouldn't be able to get my mind off of them," Amin said. "I think so many parents feel that way, especially during the pandemic, where work and life have collided with one another, and it's really hard to step away from work. My son's drawing was a stark reminder to me about just how hard that is."

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