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Children travel 3000 miles to surprise father for his 60th birthday and it's the cutest thing ever

A user wrote, 'I'm crying too. that's family ? that's all a parent needs.'

Children travel 3000 miles to surprise father for his 60th birthday and it's the cutest thing ever
Cover Image Source: Tiktok | @mattycollins31

Editor's note: This article was originally published on December 9, 2022. It has since been updated.

Watching parents reunite with their children can leave anyone in tears and when it's a surprise visit, it's even more heartwarming. For one such reunion, Matt Collins and his sisters traveled 3000 miles to surprise their father on his 60th birthday. In a video uploaded on Tiktok, Collins can be seen entering his house and his mother can't believe her eyes and Matt says, "Happy Birthday." Her mother says, "Oh my God, look at this, Matt!" Then his mother hugs him and the father joins them.

That's when he tells his father, "I've got you a gift though." They come out and see his two sisters. The mother starts crying, and the father quietly goes inside and starts crying. Toward the end, the father hugs his daughters and son. Collins captioned the video, "This is what happens when three siblings travel 3,000 miles to surprise our dad for his 60th birthday. Safe to say it went well."

Tiktok | @mattycollins31
Tiktok| @mattycollins31


People on the internet were happy to see such a loving family. A user said, "I'm crying too. that's family, that's all a parent needs." Another said, "You guys are awesome for making sure your dad felt loved! My dad died 4 years ago. Wish I could make him feel special like this." Another wrote, "So beautiful, I'm crying tears of joy for you and your loving family."

Tiktok | @mattycollins31
Tiktok | @mattycollins31


Some users also shared similar instances and some were worried about the house door being open. A user wrote, "My sister and I did this to my dad for his 80th. He answered the door in his tighty whiteys. Surprise." Another wrote, "Wait, people just leave their doors unlocked all willy-nilly out there?" 

Tiktok | @mattycollins31
Tiktok | @mattycollins31


In a similar reunion video uploaded on Twitter, a daughter calls her parents and they are seen thanking her for paying for the restaurant they are eating in. Then she tells them that she is in the "Outback too", and the parents think that she is also in a restaurant called "Outback" in Australia. After a few seconds of laughter, she says, "Look right" and they see her walking into the restaurant. The parents start crying, then they both are in disbelief, the mother says, "Noooo, I can't believe it. Oh, my goodness." 

The video is captioned, "My sis has been in Australia for the past 3 years…hence the restaurant that she said she’d pay for, just to surprise my parents #thanksgiving" 

People on the internet were overwhelmed after watching this video. A user wrote, "That was so awesome. I’ve known your Dad for over 40 years from his days playing at NMMI. Such a touching moment. Blessings to you and the family. Tell him hi for me." Another wrote, "Oh my god when the mom started crying I wanted to cry." The video was captured by the woman's brother Zanen. He said that his sister Teige Zeller was supposed to come home in early December, but moved her flight to surprise her parents, Marty and Gae Zeller. 

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