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Child surprises mom by imitating her late grandmother's dance moves: 'Shimmies are hereditary'

The video is captioned, 'She randomly started doing this today and it brought tears to my eyes, the only thing I saw was Grandma.'

Child surprises mom by imitating her late grandmother's dance moves: 'Shimmies are hereditary'
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Sometimes kids' actions can leave us all speechless. They often inspire us to smile and enjoy the simplicity of life while it lasts. They are not afraid to showcase their unique personalities which might be inspired by someone in the family. In a heartwarming video posted by a mom on Instagram, she shows how her daughter dances exactly like the woman's grandmother and everyone is completely in awe of the child's moves.

Image Source: Instagram/
Image Source: Instagram/

Rachel Dornik—who goes by on TikTok—posted the video in which the child can be seen moving her shoulders while sitting on a shopping cart. Then the mom shows her grandmother's moves, who is also adorning the same dance and moving her shoulders and hands. The video has overlay text, "One day I'll share with her who she's named after."

What is more exciting is the cute smile that they both have while showing off their moves. The video went viral, garnering 2.8 million views and is captioned, "She randomly started doing this today and it brought tears to my eyes. The only thing I saw was Grandma. So, naturally, I had to make this again. I guess shoulder shimmies are hereditary."

Image Source: Instagram/
Image Source: Instagram/

People on the social media platform enjoyed the stark similarities between the grandma and the child. @aliteachesart commented, "I'm crying! Your grandma visits and they dance together!" @mothhrequiem wrote, "I actually have a lot of mannerisms similar to my great grandma, who I never met. I think it sort of proves that that person will never be gone. You'll see them in yourself and the people you love forever."

@amanda_flores1825 expressed, "I'm not over here crying not only because this is cute and sad at the same time, but your grandma looks like mine and she passed a few years ago." @mr_baez said, "Grandma making her presence felt and known and the little girl is sharing the love."

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Talking about dancing moves, a 2-year-old kid, Liam, loves to cheer practice with his elder sister and her group. The fascinating part was that he knew each and every step of their routine. The video was posted on TikTok by his mom, who goes by @arodsquad on TikTok.

The video has a text overlay that reads: "When you're 2, but you have watched too many cheer practices in the living room." Liam can be seen holding two pom-poms and doing the same steps as the team. He first moves the pom-poms just like others and then does the hand movements using the prop. The video ends with him adorably stomping his feet copying the person in front of him. Looking at the video, one can surely say that he will turn out to be a great cheerleader.

Image Source: TikTok/ @arodsquad
Image Source: TikTok | @arodsquad

The only things that the child is missing are a cheer costume and marching shoes. People found the child's cheerleading session adorable.@amyjay31 commented, "Omg!!!! The jump at the end!!" @jessicamccall1003 wrote, "Love this because I am the majorette advisor for my school and my two-year-old son picks up my batons and twirls." @Ibinstpaul wrote, "Better than would ever be. Well done!!" @chickyskripcolorguard expressed, "Awww and he can keep up he’s so cute I’m glad you let him do what he wants and don’t shame him for being 'girly.'"

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