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Child playing 'waitress' and taking orders for mom's food has left the internet in splits

This little girl set up a dining facility where her family/customers can place orders for their food, but this facility comes with a hilarious twist.

Child playing 'waitress' and taking orders for mom's food has left the internet in splits
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @sazan

Kids nowadays are way more confident than their predecessors. This is mostly due to the environment that they are given in their homes. They seem to have the freedom to express themselves and are accepted just how they are. A mother captured one such moment on camera and it is hilarious. In the video, a young girl named Amari takes drink orders from her parents and tells them to bring their own food.

In the video posted by the mother Sazan Hendrix (@sazan) on Instagram, the child can be seen with a pad and pen wearing a pink dress and a pair of adorable eyeglasses. She asks her mom, "What do you like, mom?" and asks her sister to stay quiet. She clarifies while writing, "Daddy wants a juice, actually he wants a soda."

Image Source: Instagram | @Sazan
Image Source: Instagram | @Sazan

Sazan asks her daughter, "What should I get?" She responds, "You wanna get a Guineth?" The mother is shocked to hear the reply. So Amari repeats cutely, "You wanna get a Guineth?" Her mom asks her, "Are you saying Guinness?" Amari says, "Nooo." 

Hendrix tells her that she wants a "Coke." "Okay, that's it?" asks Amari. "Well, I need to order food," her mother replies. The toddler stops for a moment while writing and says, "Ohhh." Then the mother asks her if she has any specials. "Yeah," replies Amari. So Hendrix asks what it is. The child thinks for a few moments and says straight up, "You gotta bring your own food."

Image Source: Instagram | @sazan
Image Source: Instagram | @sazan

The video went viral with about 1.3 million views. It is captioned, "Amari’s Bar and Restaurant where BYOD is a thing. Also, we have zero clue where this 'Guineth' recommendation keeps coming from. It is a random mystery and I’m dying laughing because she must have seen a commercial or something! I PROMISE WE DO NOT CASUALLY JUST HAVE 'Guineth' lying around." 

People on the internet enjoyed how the child played the waitress. @fabiiifer commented, "These are my favorite segments ever. I live for Amari’s bar and restaurant." @rowenaangeles wrote, "Lmao!!! Their special 'you gotta bring your own dinner' I am dead!" @ragenjewels shared, "OMG I can’t!!!! The cutest waitress and she wants you to get tipsy with her Guinness." @ermachidiac said, "It’s the pen and pad. Dying to see what’s on it. Love these videos of her and she brightens up any dull day." @honeywhatscooking expressed, "BYOF - LOL - BRING YOUR OWN FOOD!! This was hilarious! She has the most adorable personality."

This is not the first time that Amari has taken orders for her restaurant. In another video captioned, "She’s baaaaack Amari’s Bar and Restaurant: where customers get zero say in their orders," she can be seen asking her mom if she would like Mac and Cheese. At first, Hendrix agrees to have Mac and Cheese and then asks if she could have some green beans as she loves them. Amari immediately shoots her a disgusted look. Her mom continues, "Vegetables are so good... you should try them sometime." She even asks her if she has ever tried vegetables. She responds, "I do like it." Then looking at her pad she reads, "We have pizza, we have chocolate. You don't want salad either." In the end, she scratches her mother's order. 

Image Source: Instagram | @suzan
Image Source: Instagram | @sazan

Many on social media loved how the child canceled her mother's order. "She tells you what you are ordering... these crack me up!" commented @dezzio00. "My kind of waitress... strike the veggies and bring me chocolate. Love Amari Rose," wrote @renjbekhtyar

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