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Child enacts her favorite scene from 'Frozen' and people love her moves

She sways her hands and then throws away her gloves while singing the chorus to 'Let it go.'

Child enacts her favorite scene from 'Frozen' and people love her moves
Cover Image Source: Reddit/ u/aedlino80

Editor's note: This article was originally published on April 28, 2023. It has since been updated.

It's hard for adults to enjoy anything the way kids do. Children have the wonder and joy that adults don't understand often. Be it meeting their friends after a long time or visiting a new place for the first time. In a Reddit video posted by u/aedlin80, a 2-year-old can be seen enacting a scene from the movie "Frozen" in the snow. Her moves and her attitude definitely deserve an award. 

Image Source: Reddit/ u/aedlino80
Image Source: Reddit/ u/aedlino80


In the background, the most famous song from the movie, "Let It Go," plays and the child sings and acts with it. She first sways her hands and then throws away her gloves while singing the chorus of the song. Then she picks snow from the ground and throws it away. After a while, she begins to walk just like Elsa, one of the two main characters from the animated movie. It is adorable to see the kid enacting every step from the song. The video has about 8.7k upvotes and it is captioned, "2-year-old re-enacts her favorite Frozen scene."

Many on social media found every move of the child adorable. u/imariaclay commented, "The toss of the gloves had me laughing," while u/joemama161105 wrote, "2 years old but that ATTENTION TO DETAIL." u/Shot_Boysenberry_232 shared, "This is sweet. I remember my niece coming home from school and changing into a costume she had a few different ones. But she really liked changing from the uniform into a princess or Elsa it was cute af lol." u/Tr33mari3 said, "Brava! I still haven't watched Frozen, but I trust every movement mimics the movie perfectly. Great job." u/Raptordrengen commented, "I just noticed she picks up the snow to throw it like magic. Like the attention to detail!" and u/My5try1262 wrote, "Real magic only ever happens when children believe they can do anything. Such a beautiful princess. She has a gift."

Image Source: Reddit/ u/aedlino80
Image Source: Reddit/u/aedlino80


Parents showing up for their children always make a huge difference. In a similar video shared by u/Traditional_Lie_6400, a little girl can be seen on stage with her classmates. It is apparent from her expressions that she is trying to look for her parents in the crowd. Her sadness soon turns into joy and excitement when she finally spots her parents and shows how much their presence means to her. She even does a happy dance for her parents. Her parents also reciprocate by expressing their happiness at her reaction. 

Reddit users agreed with what the person shared in the video. u/ImWhatTheySayDeaf said, "It can be that simple sometimes as a parent. Just be there and listen when they need you." u/you_are_enough- said, "Perfect example of how showing up matters," while u/wise-tomatillo5122 commented, "She's not even thinking about what she's doing on stage... just like 'Where r they, where are they? Seriously, they better be here. .. still looking, oh THERE U ARE! Yaaaaaay. Never doubted you.'" u/sugarplumfairy66 wrote, "Looks like every kid there is focused on finding their folks in the crowd. So dam cute!"

Image Source: Reddit/ u/aedlino80
Image Source: Reddit/ u/aedlino80

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