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Child asks for family phone without realizing she was accidentally describing a landline

'If you’re a developer of stuff, reach out, ’cause we think it’s an awesome idea and maybe a moneymaker,' Rae says in the video.

Child asks for family phone without realizing she was accidentally describing a landline
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @weirdochicken

Landlines used to be a very common thing in the 90s with every household, every office and every public place using them on the daily. However, once people started using mobile phones, landlines have become almost extinct. Recently, a TikTok user @weirdochicken spoke about how a 9-year-old wanted a phone in the house which could be used by all the family members. But she had no idea that what she was describing was a landline. Her nanny sure had a comeback for that.

TikTok | @weirdochicken
TikTok| @weirdochicken


In the video, Stephanie Rae, a TikTok user narrated what exactly happened. She is a nanny to three children aged 6, 9 and 12. She explained in the video how their afternoons are quite hectic. Rae recalled, "Yesterday I had to take the 6-year-old to a party and be back in time to get the 9-year-old to gymnastics but traffic was crazy, and I was running late. So, the 9-year-old has an iPad, and [I] tried to call her on it, but she didn't have it with her. So the 12-year-old just got his new phone so I called him and I was like go tell your sister, and of course, he was annoyed." 

Once Rae got back to the house, the 9-year-old had something important to share. “She was like, ‘They need to come up with like a phone that’s for the whole family that stays in the house, so if you need any person in the house, you can call that phone,'” Rae relayed. “Like, it’s not just that one person’s number — it’s like the whole family.”

Rae told her that it was an amazing idea. The girl continued, “But do you know how we’re always like losing the remote and stuff? For this phone, let’s attach it to a chord, maybe like stick it on the wall, so that if there’s an emergency, we can always find it. It can’t leave the house, and it’s for the whole family.”

TikTok | @weirdochicken
TikTok| @weirdochicken


In short, the girl wanted her house to have a landline phone. Rae concluded, "So, we’re not techie people. We don’t know how to invent things,” Rae continued. “But if you’re a developer of stuff, reach out, ’cause we think it’s an awesome idea and maybe a moneymaker.” The video soon went viral with more than 2.8 million views. It was captioned, "@apple @google @amazon please get in touch to take advantage of this opportunity." While some TikTok users couldn't understand that Rae was being satirical, many replied with satirical comments of their own. 

TikTok | @weirdochicken
TikTok| @weirdochicken


User @stephaniesummer123 commented, "who's gonna tell her??? and I really hope this is a joke..." and @oops_diving commented, "And we'll need a small device that will tell us who is calling before we pick up. We can call it 'Caller ID.'" Another user @leeleeface83 wrote, "oh! the cord should look like a curly noodle so you can go far from the base and then it spins back to normal!"

A satirical reply by @sheismeiamher6 read, "You really should reach out to Alexander Graham Bell he’s so good with this type of stuff," and another by @thateinchevyguy read, "Allow me to introduce the landline. Used from the creation of the home telephone till cellphones became popular." But it was user @aaron0quinn0 who echoed what was going through the mind of every millennial when they watched this video: "OMG I have never felt so old. Maybe instead of individual buttons you can put a circular dial with the numbers also. And call it dialing a phone number."

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