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Adorable chihuahua falling asleep to 70-year-old grandma's singing will melt your heart

He is so tired and comfortable in the video, that he falls in her arms with his little paws on the guitar.

Adorable chihuahua falling asleep to 70-year-old grandma's singing will melt your heart
Image Source: Malinda Herman Official/Youtube

Videos of pets being cute and funny are all over the internet and it sustains a lot of us. A YouTube video of a chihuahua's adorable bond with an elderly woman has attracted attention and love from people all over the world. Malinda Herman, a Thai musician, sings a rendition of Lobo's "I'd Love You to Want Me" while playing the guitar in the video. Malinda's voice is soothing and pleasant, yet some could say that her performance isn't the video's main attraction. 

The owner's song clearly lulls her cute chihuahua puppy. The small lovely dog named "Jiw Jam" (which roughly translates to "Small and Pretty") gets so drowsy towards the middle of the song (in the video) that he puts his paw on the guitar and cuddles up to it. That's not all. Herman's kitten (who is not visible in the clip) can be heard passionately meow-ing to the song. Many viewers have concluded that the kitty is singing along with Malinda. Jiw Jam's snug sleepy face and the kitty's mews make for a unique music-video experience! 


Malinda Herman, the 70-year-old singer from Bangkok, Thailand, has a YouTube account where she posts videos of herself singing and playing the guitar. She frequently includes her two adorable dogs and kitten in her videos. However, we can see why the small sleeping puppy gets the most screen time. The video has gathered over 2.6 million views and 374k likes with thousands of comments. The comment section is filled with love and good wishes for Malinda and her pets. YouTube user TearZ wrote, "Through her singing you can tell she’s been through a lot in her many years and now she is at peace with her dog and her guitar, honestly her singing tells a story." 



Another comment by YouTube user, A.W. goes, "Malinda, thank you for reminding us of beauty, joy, and love. You and your pup are precious and bring tears to my eyes every time I watch. The moments you share are examples of the best in life... can't be bought, can't be sold... watching your videos helps remind me to slow down and enjoy the sweet passing simple moments." Ally May commented, "I can’t explain it, but I’m literally in tears. It’s like this song and the love in the video has opened up the gate to everything I’ve been holding in." 


In a similar wholesome video, Josh and Kelly Rheaume's dog Lucy can be seen caring for their children, per TODAY. Josh asks Lucy to get clothes for Lenon in the lovely video, and she does it without hesitation. Next, he asks her to fetch a diaper and the trolley, to which Lucy responds by carrying the diaper in her mouth and dragging the trolley. Later, he asks her to get a thermometer, and Lucy obliges - promptly going to the next room to fetch it. Josh concludes by thanking her and saying, "We wouldn't have done it without you, baby girl." 

"In case you haven't met her yet, this is Lucy. Recently she became a big sister to twin girls Lily and Lennon. After 7 years together, we feared she would feel forgotten..or lost, when the girls arrived," the video mentions. "So when the girls arrived, we made sure she was involved in every way possible. And this happened. She became my girls' guardian she's always been ours. And that's a torch I don't mind passing on."

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