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Huge crowds gather to cheer man eating 40th rotisserie chicken after starting a hilarious challenge

People gathered at the pier to watch him eat his 40th rotisserie chicken after a flier circulated all across town.

Huge crowds gather to cheer man eating 40th rotisserie chicken after starting a hilarious challenge
Cover Image Source: (L): Twitter/@mikeyil (R) Twitter/@AlexiconTom

People in Philadelphia gathered on November 6 at an abandoned pier to watch an extremely strange event: a man eating an entire rotisserie chicken for the 40th consecutive day. Alexander Tominsky started the hilarious food challenge on September 28. He shared updates with millions of people on social media as he continued his challenge, with people rapidly becoming fascinated by the strange goal. People gathered at the pier after a flier circulated all across town, according to Billy Penn. The flier read, “Come See Me Eat An Entire Rotisserie Chicken,” adding that November 6 would officially be celebrated as the 40th consecutive day of eating the chicken, “on that abandoned pier by Walmart.” Despite the unclear directions provided in a poster printed by the 31-year-old chicken champion ahead of the event, hundreds gathered to watch him finish his target at noon.



Tominsky, a server at a nearby steakhouse called Barclay Prime, said he initially embarked on the project because "it seemed like the right thing to do." He also revealed that he isn't "sure how it started," adding, "It’s hard to understand how it manifested." He has subsequently kept his promise, eating one roast chicken from the grocery store every day for the past six weeks.



Tominsky is seen in pictures and video from the incident sitting in front of his fellow city dwellers and eating the crowning chicken while only drinking seltzer to wash it down. He appears to be as composed as possible. The local restaurant employee was observed showing off the last bite to the people in the gathering after about 40 minutes, much to the joy of everyone, before quickly scarfing it down.



In the interview, Tominsky revealed that he does have some techniques to help him get through the chicken quicker. "You’ve got to start with the white meat because it’s drier. And I break the skin up to help supplement through the process, to add some taste," he said.



Tominsky shared that he eats vegetables, beer, and sometimes yogurt too. "I don’t want to die. Sometimes I’ll have a little tater tots, or the kitchen will give me a dollop of sauce. I have vegetables. If you look through the photos on Twitter, I bought a two-and-a-half-pound carrot, and that got me through three days," he shared, adding that even vegetables are hard to eat. "It’s a strange feeling. Food, in general, has become unappetizing. But you know, it’s—pain is important. Because it reminds you what it feels like to feel good."



When Takeout questioned Tominsky about the meaning of the flier's claim that the event "is not a party," the modest Tominsky responded, "I'm not trying to make this- it's just me eating chicken, honestly," with his eyes on the prize.



When asked why Tominsky thinks so many people plan to come to his event, he responded, "I’ve had long stretches of being tortured and people can relate. The City of Philadelphia has had a lot of pain, but it’s a city with a lot of perseverance. That’s what makes this city very special." Concluding the interview, Tominsky shares that he thinks that what he's doing is a "powerful thing." "It only felt right to share it," he shared.

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