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Weatherman has mind blown after realizing his monitor is touchscreen during a live broadcast

Meteorologist Dutra has been working in the industry for more than a decade and couldn't contain his joy when he discovered his monitor was touchscreen.

Weatherman has mind blown after realizing his monitor is touchscreen during a live broadcast
Cover Image source: YouTube screenshot/ABC7

Editor's note: This article was originally published on August 10, 2022. It has since been updated.

Discovering your inner child is always a pleasant feeling, especially when you work at a place that's reserved and serious. The video of a weather reporter discovering the studio had upgraded to a touchscreen has been viewed more than 4.6 million times. The growth of technology in our workplaces has been immeasurable and has changed the way most industries function. It has, to a large extent, made our lives easier. Meteorologist Greg Dutra has been working in the TV industry for a long time and loves doing his weather forecast. When the studio upgraded his screen to touch-sensitive, he wasn't updated about it, which led to a wholesome moment when he discovers it during the broadcast, reported Comicsands.   



Dutra accidentally tapped on the screen he normally uses during broadcasts, and was taken aback when it moved. A child-like joy spread across his face. Dutra was trying to swipe in the direction of the rain and wind when the screen moved. "I just moved the map. Wait, I can do that?" he asks, stunned. He plays around with it for a bit and utters, "Nooo wayy." Someone from the studio can be heard saying, "You just discovered that?" Another newscaster who's just as amused by the feature goes, "I got to try it" and jumps in. He moves the screen as well and his face lights up. His mouth is wide open with excitement. Dutra can be heard saying, "Can you believe that?" Someone adds, "That is so cool."



The meteorologist then asks, "Can I zoom?" before attempting to zoom on the screen as one would on a phone and the screen responded accordingly. Dutra lets out a contagious laugh before saying, "Oh man, it's a great day!" Dutra couldn't hide his joy but regained his composure and continued with his forecast but he just couldn't get over it. He then swiped on the screen upwards and told his production team, "I've never touched it before."

The upward swipe titled the visual Upwards renders a 3D model of the land. "Oh my gosh, you can tilt it? What's going on here" he asks, still in complete awe of what's unfolding before him. He regains his composure yet again and says, "OK, I'm going to figure this all out. A beautiful day and the next couple of days," he says, before signing off and promising to figure out the new touchscreen.  

Dutra has been an on-air personality for more than a decade and has been working with ABC since 2019. To see someone with so much experience in the industry light up with such enthusiasm over a small development is as wholesome as it gets. He took to Twitter to share the wondrous moment, writing, "This wasn’t in the training manual! I go OFF THE RAILS when I discovered the TV is a touch screen while on-air on @ABC7Chicago." The spontaneous moment went viral immediately. 


Many could relate to Dutra's discovery. One person said, "Adorable! I just did this yesterday with a laptop I’ve had for about 2 months! I thought there was something on the screen, so I went to get it off and the screen moved!" Another added, "Few things are as beautiful as when someone discovers something cool they can do. This man is in nirvana. His joy is palpable." Another Twitter user joked, "Greg just found the "Golden Ticket" of interactive meteorological maps."

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