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Cheerleaders guessing the routine from just one sound has left the internet in awe

The cheerleaders were totally on point with their game and guessing the routine just made it all the better.

Cheerleaders guessing the routine from just one sound has left the internet in awe
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @kimtherealtor2

Being able to do something you love is one of the most splendid feelings in the world. The enthusiasm and energy for the same is on a whole different level. Whether it’s a hobby, a skill, a job or even a simple activity, as long as you find love for the same, you can excel in majestic and delightful ways. The same was shared in a video uploaded by Kimberly Cabrera, who goes by @kimtherealtor2 on TikTok. Her team of cheerleaders is no less when it comes to cheering loudly and encouraging them. In the video, fellow cheerleaders displayed their skills in a rather impressive and professional way, showing their love for the team and their job.

Image Source: TikTok|@kimtherealtor2
Image Source: TikTok | @kimtherealtor2

The challenge was set for cheerleaders in their locker rooms, where each cheerleader had to guess the routine the other was doing and do the same. The catch was that the cheerleader guessing the routine would neither be able to see the other nor would they get any form of clue as to which routine was being done. They had to rely purely on the sound and its order to make a guess. No music, no words, no chants, just the routine and the sounds at the back of the cheerleader. Starting with the first pair of cheerleaders, one of the young women stood ahead of the other while the second girl began doing the routine energetically. The girl ahead listened intently and only a few seconds later, she confidently got to doing the routine on par with the other girl.

Image Source: TikTok|@kimtherealtor2
Image Source: TikTok|@kimtherealtor2

For those thinking this was just a fluke, the next pair stepped up with a different routine in mind. As the girl stood ahead listening to the sound of the claps, the leg thumping the ground and more, she was finding it slightly tough to decode the same. However, shortly after the confusion, she was able to guess the routine and quickly mimicked the steps to get the timing right and join the cheerleader in the routine. Leaving people jaw-dropped, the last pair also effortlessly decoded the routine, deeming the entire team nothing but committed and beyond enthusiastic for their wonderful performance. The video has garnered over 36 million views, 4 million likes and 1k comments. People were taken aback by the smoothness each girl was able to get into the routine with.

Image Source: TikTok|@mimiroque1410
Image Source: TikTok|@mimiroque1410
Image Source: TikTok|@laylaamilann
Image Source: TikTok|@laylaamilann

They did not mess up a single step and their timing and energy matched without them being able to communicate or look at the other. @jules_0fficial2 said, “These are so satisfying to watch, I don’t know why.” @alessandra247365 said, “Always loved a great cheerleader routine.” @lexi.bell11 said, “They did hype!” Many people picked out their favorite routines and their favorite cheerleaders, but all could collectively agree that each gave a spectacular performance. @swiftlyggab said, “I love the first cheer, I do that one all the time.” @yeatsgirlfriend_ said, “I actually enjoyed watching this.” @o0mushroom_time0 said, “The first one made me jump in astonishment.” @defo.not.consx said, “This is an amazing cheer team.”@stephgatrost said, “So much respect for cheerleaders. They’re athletes too!”

You can follow Kimberly Cabrera (@kimtherealtor2) on TikTok for more wholesome content.

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