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Check out this four-year-old's hilarious made-up song, 'Leave Me Alone.' It's gone viral.

Little Milan Marie has become an overnight viral sensation with her hit song 'Leave Me Alone.' Even actress Taraji P Henson took notice.

Check out this four-year-old's hilarious made-up song, 'Leave Me Alone.' It's gone viral.
Image Source: Instagram/ lovemilanmarie

Four-year-olds say the darndest things. And sometimes, they sing them. Encapsulating what a lot of people are probably feeling right now, Milan Marie, aged four, sang a song about leaving her alone. When her mother Jovan Phillips-Lloyd recorded her singing it and posted it to Instagram, she was a hit online. Her song quickly went viral, with hundreds of social media users writing in to tell the "mini influencer" how much they loved her song. As it turns out, the young viral sensation is pretty much always like this, singing about her emotions and bouncing about with lots of energy, Good Morning America reports.



In the video of her viral song Leave Me Alone, little Marie can be seen strapped into a children's car seat in the back of her mother's car. She sings in a high pitch, "I'm asking you to leave me to myself." She then belts out, several times, going up a note every time, "Leave me alone! Leave me alone!" The caption on the video reads, "This that bangaaa right here! Leave Me Alone. Where does she come up with this stuff?" Evidently, her mother predicted just how wildly popular her impromptu song would be.



Since it was first posted to Instagram a week ago, the video has been watched over a whopping 244,000 times (and counting!). Hundreds of Instagram users commented, sharing words of appreciation for the four-year-old singing sensation. One user wrote, "Y’all playing with Milan. She’s going to be known for singing in the future. She already has the creativity to come up with her own lyrics." Another added, "I just saw your cute face and song on Good Morning America so you know I had to find you and tell you I LOVE your song! I'm gonna sing it at work, at home, and everywhere I go! Thank you, cutie pie!" One person even used the song to curve needy men. "I swear I sent this to two guys the other day, they just wanted to waste time," they wrote. "So I said... Well, Milan said it for me. Haven't heard from them bammas since. Thanks, Milan."



In an interview with the news outlet, Marie's mother said, "She is actually is the same person every single day. She's the boss because she's the only girl." The four-year-old is constantly making up her own songs while riding in her mother's car, Phillips-Lloyd revealed. Leave Me Alone was written and sung while waiting in line last week in the Chick-fil-A drive-thru. The video spiked in views after actress Taraji P Henson reposted it. She commented enthusiastically on another post, "PUT HER IN PERFORMING ARTS NOW! SHE IS "A STAR IS BORN." SHE IS "FAME." You can’t teach what she has. OMG! That was me as a kid! God bless." When little Marie is not singing potentially chart-breaking viral hits, she likes to play with her Barbie dolls and her three older brothers. For more of her adorable antics, you can follow her on Instagram.



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