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CEO says he never hires anyone 'that's looking for work life balance', sparks fierce debate

He said that people looking for a 'balance' often don't want to grow in a job and achieve higher goals.

CEO says he never hires anyone 'that's looking for work life balance', sparks fierce debate
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Work and our careers might seep into our personal lives and consume the time that we should be spending with our loved ones. We all agree that a healthy balance between work and personal life is crucial to maintain peace and happiness in our lives. However, Scott Kuru, a property investor and business mentor doesn't think the same. He recently took to LinkedIn to express his opinion on the subject, encouraging people not to "hire anyone who is looking for work-life balance."



Kuru's post quickly sparked a debate about subjects like ambition, productivity and mental health. He wrote, "Never hire anyone that’s looking for work-life balance. I am not against work-life balance. Balance is important. You cannot perform at high levels unless you have all the areas in your life in harmony." Kuru continues, "Most people, not all, but most people that say 'I’m looking for work-life balance' are not driven to grow and therefore are not committed to improvement and or being super committed to the companies goals." He further said that companies with 4 day work weeks don't attract "talent" but people who have "given up on growth."

Image Source: Getty Images/J_art
Image Source: Getty Images/J_art


The post instantly went viral and garnered several responses and most people did not agree with Kuru's views on having a balance. Michael Kowalczyk, an Investment Property strategist, commented, "As an active father of 3 kids under 5, I’m a firm believer an individual can maintain a healthy work-life balance and perform at a high level. If your employee is able to produce the same results in 3/4 days worth of work, as what another can accomplish in 5 days, then I’d favor to hire that employee." He added, "Working 5+ days a week is an outdated system. Too many people I know worked hard 5+ days a week, only to reach retirement age and regret not being to maintain that balance."

Ryan Scott, CEO of PLC, said, "'Work-life balance' is not a negative term or statement. It’s in fact a statement of intent that people are now more mindful of balancing their life rather than only serving one aspect of it (career)." This wholesome mindset is what everyone must have to achieve fulfillment in all areas of their life. I strongly believe that those with a growth mindset that balances their life to serve their loved ones, stay connected and live in the moment will be the greatest fulfilled."

Image Source: Getty Images/10'000 Hours
Image Source: Getty Images/10'000 Hours


After attracting extensive criticism, Kuru posted a follow-up post saying, "The term 'work-life balance' is often misunderstood. People think it means working less and having more time for leisure activities. But this is a misguided notion. Work-life balance actually means finding the right balance between your professional and personal life so that both can flourish." He added, "The great thing about our world is freedom of choice, and there is likely a company culture where they would be better suited and they would be more likely to find happiness. However, I also recognize the importance of work-life balance and make it a priority to help my team achieve it. I provide flexible schedules (very flexible), offer opportunities for growth and development (we only promote from within) and encourage my team to take time off when needed."

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