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Central Park's well-hidden holiday tree is people's precious way to remember their beloved pets

The well-kept secret in the Central Park stands as a memorial of several loved and remembered pets.

Central Park's well-hidden holiday tree is people's precious way to remember their beloved pets
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @larrycloss

For a pet owner, a furry friend is as important as a loved one, sometimes even more. They also share special stories and moments during their pet’s lifetime. Unfortunately, our pets share a limited time with us, leaving countless memories behind. To honour several pets and their lives a distinctive but hidden tree stands amid 18000 others. This tree at Central Park spread across 840 acres, serves as a secret memorial for pets. According to Larry Closs's Instagram, the tree is located at an undisclosed location deep in the woods. So much so that it took Closs two years to find its location. 

Image Source: Instagram | @larrycloss
Image Source: Instagram | @larrycloss

Central Park’s well–guarded secret is a place of healing for pet lovers of New York. People decorate it with photos and letters among other things in the memory of their beloved pet. The official website says that if there’s a rainbow bridge for pets in heaven, the other end touches the Central Park for a few weeks. The page beautifully quotes, “Like the enchanted Scottish village of Brigadoon in the Lerner and Loewe musical, the Pet Memorial Christmas Tree mysteriously appears and then disappears.” The tree looks like a usual Christmas tree and turns into a memorial from mid-November to mid-January according to "The Furever Tree" website. Due to its simple appearance, the tree is really easy to miss. Not during its season though.

The tree has managed to remain hidden for the past 40 years, and somehow a multitude of pet lovers manage to find it every year. Giving proof of its enchantment and magic that draws the destined people in.

Image Source: Instagram | @larrycloss
Image Source: Instagram | @larrycloss

The memorial has pictures, remembrances, and notes for mostly cats and dogs but other animals as well. The people are mainly from New York but also from several other parts of the world as per the website. A visitor described the tree, which is a false cypress, as “heartbreakingly beautiful.” The evergreen tree is decked with shiny ornaments and laminated photos that attract the attention of visitors. The tree piques the interest of several pet owners who want to honor the memory of their pets.

Image Source: Instagram | @larrycloss
Image Source: Instagram | @larrycloss

The site’s author shared a video of the decked-up pet Christmas tree on his Instagram which attracted pet owners from around the world. Most of the people wanted to put up a picture of their fur babies and shared heartfelt memories of pets. Instagram user @memory.making.mama.nj commented, “Can you please DM me about how to get a pic of my fur baby on here and how to find the tree?” Another user @an_absolute_lady commented, “Hi, I just placed a photo on the magical tree. Will it fly off with the wind? Winter is approaching & just concerned don’t want the photos getting lost.” User @foxredlab1 shared in the comments, “Oh this is wonderful. Wish I could put Henry’s picture on there but I’m in the U.K. We said goodbye to him in August and I set up my dog-walking business named after him, in October. I just miss him so, so much.” It’s heartwarming how a simple secret tree can bring so much joy and healing to pet owners. It’s a symbol of solidarity and love protected by a sprinkling of magic. 

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