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Cat dad is leaving fur of their adorable pets out in the garden for a wholesome reason

Cat-dad decided not to let his cats' furs go to waste and kept them outside so the birds could use them.

Cat dad is leaving fur of their adorable pets out in the garden for a wholesome reason
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @teddieandcasper

Even though a pet will always hold a special place in any pet parent's heart, they must spread their concern to other innocent beings in the surroundings. Similarly, the owners of Teddie and Casper understand this perfectly and try to ensure that they are extending their help to every animal they come in contact with in some way or another. They regularly capture the shenanigans of their fluffy cats on their popular social media account @teddieandcasper on Instagram. In one of their videos, they shared how along with showering love on their cats, they also help the birds in their vicinity with the cat hair that invariably gets accumulated in their house. 

Image Source: Instagram/@teddieandcasper
Image Source: Instagram | @teddieandcasper

The adorable video features Teddie on his dad's shoulders as they make their way through the garden. The man has a small cage in his hands, in which, he has collected all the fur that has come after grooming Teddie and Casper. The cage overflowed with beautiful white and brown colored fur. After that, they hung the cage on their gate. The reason for this is explained in the caption, "We’ve kindly donated our fur so the birdies can make their nests warm & cozy."

Image Source: Instagram/@teddieandcasper
Image Source: Instagram | @teddieandcasper

As per Really Wild Birdfood, birds generally use things, such as "twigs, grass, moss, leaves" to make their nests. They have no control over the quality of the materials they incorporate in the nests. Ultimately, the birdies have to make do with the choices in front of them. These furs will aid them in creating a home that is warm and comfortable than the harshness of twigs. The man took this call after seeing the "birdies" around him make their nests with things that did not seem comfortable to stay in at all. The dad was adorably explaining to Teddie what was happening to make it clear to him that the furs were going for a good cause. As he left the cage, he said to Teddie, "You have nice, nice warm fur." The video ended with a stunning bird taking the fur from the cage, implying that the cat's dad's objective was successful.

Image Source: Instagram/@queerlyclay
Image Source: Instagram | @queerlyclay
Image Source: Instagram/@laurenfaulkner_
Image Source: Instagram | @laurenfaulkner_

The comment section adored this gesture. @louiswildlife shared how they also do the same practice but will add another element to it, seeing the video, "Great. We do that too. But will now also try with such a holder, brilliant." @ss718 commented about their favorite part of the video, "This man explaining to the cat what's happening is the most precious thing ever." @patriciawelffens shared a warning and commented, "Please make sure your pet's fur is not treated with insecticide."

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Similar to the cat-dad in the video, Denver Zoo also came to the rescue of birds when they were lashed out at for their preference. After posting about their same-sex lorikeet pair, they were bombarded with backlash from homophobes dismissing their claims and birds' identity. Deciding not to let hate go unaddressed, they gave a strong-worded reply, "We've gotten a lot of questions about our same-sex lorikeet couples! We don't assign sexuality to animals. We document what we see as we care for them. With these lorikeets, they perform courtship dances, preen each other, build nests, defend their territory, and copulate."


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