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Cat cafe posts hilarious disclaimer about muffin-stealing feline for customers: 'It WILL hurt'

'She WILL climb on you to try and get your muffin,' the cafe's amusing disclaimer read. 'She WILL NOT give up.'

Cat cafe posts hilarious disclaimer about muffin-stealing feline for customers: 'It WILL hurt'
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Catnap Cafe

If you thought having a muffin was simply enjoyable, you were wrong. One cafe in Christchurch, New Zealand, warns its customers of a threatening yet uniquely amusing experience the cats in the cafe offer customers who decide to buy a muffin. Visitors to the cafe enjoy interacting with the various feline residents available for adoption while relishing a delicious dessert.

However, those who choose a muffin should exercise caution. Anyone who orders a Catnap Cafe muffin becomes a target for Bea, the cafe's hungriest cat. As a result, it was critical to inform customers about what they were getting themselves into. The gray tabby cat's wobbly condition may also make it difficult for one to bite into their muffin.


The muffin disclaimer read, "Muffin disclaimer. So you've ordered a muffin! We hope you're up for a challenge. Our wobbly tabby cat Bea REALLY likes muffins, so there are a few things to be aware of if you have a muffin in the cat area. – She WILL climb you to try and get your muffin – She is not very good at climbing, so she will claw her way up your body – It WILL hurt – She WILL NOT give up – She may try to eat the muffin right out of your mouth – She is not allowed to eat muffins. You may pick her up / move her away if needed and if you're really struggling, come and talk to us and we will help. No matter how much she wants to, it is still very important that you don't let her eat any muffins, as it will make her sick. Good luck and we hope you enjoy your muffin experience! She may look sweet and innocent, but we promise you, she's not."


Bea arrived at the cafe when she was only 5 months old and amused everyone with her mischievous, larger-than-life personality. Bea quickly made a name for herself in the cafe with her natural wobble and intense passion for muffins. Despite her limitations, she learned how to get around and eventually began climbing customers to get a bite of their muffins. 

The cafe wrote about her on Facebook, "Bea is an adorable friendly girl but also a total menace! She has a neurological condition called cerebellar hypoplasia, which is what makes her wobbly and uncoordinated, but she really doesn't know it! She is very energetic, chatty and playful. She has a tendency to throw herself at things and climb them, including people, especially if she spots a muffin in your hand! It's pretty cute, however, she's not very good at it, so if you're the target, it can be a little painful. Not much phases Bea and no matter how many times she falls over or bangs into things, she always gets straight back up and tries again!"


Bea spent around a year at the cat cafe making friends and stealing muffins until one day a couple fell in love with her. They had dealt with Bea's medical condition before and knew they had the experience and resources to provide her with the comfortable forever home she had been looking for. The cafe announced the sassy cat's adoption in a Facebook post that stated, "Although Bea enjoyed her time reigning over the cats of Catnap, she had decided that she would much rather have a smaller number of subjects to rule over. Her only non-human subjects now include one brother and a few chickens! Her new brother, Timmy, has the same neurological condition as she does. We can only imagine how much wobbly trouble the two are getting into together!"


"Her new parents said the two hit it off straight away and although Bea has taken the top position in the household as Head of State, Timmy adores his new sister and is very happy to have her company. Don't worry though things haven't quite fallen apart around here without Bea. Yuzu has become the new Top Food Fiend, Tangerine has taken over the job of throwing herself at customers unexpectedly and Raphael has now been given the title of Catnap's Wobbliest Cat, So Queen Bea's Catnap legacy lives on," the post added. Bea definitely managed to steal more hearts than she stole muffins. 

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