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This unique friendship between a cat and a mouse is winning hearts on the internet

Their mom, Irina Kamenskaya, often shares cute pictures and videos of the cat and mouse grooming each other.

This unique friendship between a cat and a mouse is winning hearts on the internet
Cover Image Source: Tiktok /@barsakuzya

We are all aware of the love-hate relationship between cat and mouse. Thanks to years of watching "Tom and Jerry," where Tom spent his entire life trying to catch Jerry for all his mischief. However, life is full of surprises and brings you some of the most wholesome yet unusual moments. Such as this unbreakable bond between Perseya, the cat and Filya, the rat. Their mom, Irina Kamenskaya, shares cute pictures and videos of grooming each other, their everyday antics, playing and even sharing a kiss. On TikTok, the cat and mouse duo have attracted the attention of over 142K followers.





Irina spoke to Bored Panda about their one-of-a-kind friendship, detailing their journey, and we can't get enough of it. “I adopted Perseya when she was just a kitten. Born to a rat-catching cat, she was taught to hunt mice as they were not provided with proper food. People often questioned my decision of bringing a rat-catcher cat home, fearing that she would take out all the rats,” said Irina. When Perseya was adopted, another cat named Barsa didn't take a liking to Perseya, but she was adored by a rat named Kuzya, who has since passed away. “When I took her home, she was only 2 months old and lived with another cat named Barsa. Barsa did not take kindly to her, growling and hissing, but Perseya was saved by Kuzya, the smartest rat I ever had. Kuzya took Perseya under his wing and they soon became inseparable. Unfortunately, Kuzya passed away a month later.”





Irina then got a 1-month-old rat named Filya, who soon became the apple of Perseya's eyes. “On January 7, 2022, I brought home a 1-month-old rat named Filya. Perseya immediately took to him and adopted him as her own. Filya was fearless and loved playing with Perseya’s toys. They would chase each other with teaser toys, especially a fish toy,” explained Irina. Irina recalled an incident when she forgot to lock the rat's cage, which then ended up escaping to play with cats, eating their food and drinking from their bowls. “One day, while leaving for work, I forgot to lock the rat’s cage and Filya escaped. He spent the entire day with the cats, running around, eating their food and drinking from their bowls. When I returned home, I found Filya running around and the cats lounging on the beds. ”





Irina shared that "now, Filya is 6 months old and cannot live without Perseya." Every evening, he rushes over to her and starts the day by kissing her. Filya is a very affectionate rat, whilst the other two rats are satisfied to stay in their cage. Filya has also begun to give Perseya sweet nips and snuggles, even making her purr. In the comments, people had the most genuinely confused yet amused reactions. TikTok user @marinamalykhina12 commented: "Wonderful couple! friendship is possibly contrary to all laws of nature!". User @lenysya327 said: "To observe such friendship is to receive emotions: warmth, tenderness, joy in the heart." @Rene wrote: "Forbidden friendship 😂." @glordpl "Bro switched teams 💀." He did, indeed. 

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