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Cashier at Dollar Tree store lauded for helping mom struggling with crying baby at the counter

Parenting is a tough job and it has its tough days too, which is why, kind gestures by strangers can make all the difference.

Cashier at Dollar Tree store lauded for helping mom struggling with crying baby at the counter
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @maremare711

Becoming a parent comes with many challenges and work, and it can take a heavy toll on them. As wonderful as it seems to have a kid to call your own and love, it is undoubtedly tons of responsibility. Like every other job and relationship, there are bad days to being a parent too. But this is not a story about how to become more patient. It is a story about the kindness of a stranger to a mother who needed it. 

Image Source: Instagram | @maremare711
Image Source: Instagram | @maremare711

Mary Ann Byrnes, a producer and writer–who goes by @maremare711 on Instagram–posted a video showcasing what a kind stranger did for her. As the video begins, we see a female cashier at the checkout counter holding a baby. The overlay text gives us more context. Byrnes was at the Dollar store with her daughter, who started crying and causing a scene during checkout when the lady behind the counter decided to pick her up. The text read, "This angel at the Dollar Tree in West Orange, NJ, scooped my daughter up in the midst of a UPPY meltdown."

Image Source: Instagram | @maremare711
Image Source: Instagram | @maremare711

The mom explained how the cashier lady saw her full hands and massive distress during checkout. The mom's patience was already thin since this whole thing was quite nervousness-inducing for her. The mom said, "There is nothing more anxiety-inducing than a checkout line and a screaming toddler." And Brynes is not entirely wrong. Having a kid who is crying while you are in a line anywhere is stressful, let alone at a grocery store during checkout. However, the cashier's kind gesture immediately made both Brynes' as well as her daughter's day better.

Image Source: Instagram | @maremare711
Image Source: Instagram | @maremare711

This whole exchange also made the little girl feel more special, all thanks to the cashier. The mom happily exclaimed, "And I got to experience this total act of kindness." Brynes then went on to tell her viewers how she was sad though since the Dollar Tree they were at in the video was going to close, causing the cashier the need to relocate. Fatimah, the cashier, was hoping she would get a good transfer. While Brynes does not generally post things like this, she said she could not stop herself since she hopes Fatima gets the world. Even in her caption, Brynes says, "Give this woman all the promotions in the world and then some," and we agree as well.

Image Source: Instagram | @neeshaknows
Image Source: Instagram | @neeshaknows

@m.a.r.j.i.e said, "First class ticket to heaven for people like Fatima! I hope she gets everything she ever hopes and dreams for." @yourgirlsfavoritedriver said, "All love. United, we can't be stopped. Unity and love are the only way. God bless everyone." @maryannhedderson said, "We had a great adventure at this store and this employee was part of it. Bravo." @dollartree suggested, "Thank you for sharing this sweet experience! Go, Fatimah! Way to go above and beyond. We'll be sure to share this with field leadership so they're aware of Fatimah's hard work and amazing spirit." @yallwounded added, "I'm not making this a race thing, but seriously black love is different, we be trying to tell y'all it's a difference between N words and nice black folks, big difference!!"

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