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Career coach reveals hidden meaning behind things human resources say and it's hilarious

Kiselev often talks about the nitty-gritty of the hiring process and his series on decoding HR speak has gone viral.

Career coach reveals hidden meaning behind things human resources say and it's hilarious
Image source: TikTok

To some, what goes on inside an HR person's mind is a source of mystery. They have to toe the line between upper management and other employees, and you're left never fully knowing the intention behind an email, a work party or an ice-breaking session. They'll be saying one thing and meaning another. HR speak is like a Dan Brown book that needs decoding but thankfully, there's a career coach on TikTok translating the hidden meanings behind the phrases HR often relies on. TikTok users can't get enough of Boris Kiselev comically translating common HR phrases. But you just know at least half of them are true, if not all. From recruiting new talent and keeping existing employees happy to even delivering bad news to ones that are being let go, HR is treading a fine line but Kiselev is helping decode them.

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Kiselev is a career and interview coach from Australia, so he knows all the code words that an HR could possibly say before, during and after an interview. Kiselev describes himself as someone who can help others “earn more, have the relationships they want and sleep better at night." He helps with everything that ranges from writing a good resume and achieving work goals to becoming a confident individual. With over 677k followers, Kiselev often shares his wisdom on TikTok. His series 'Translating HR speak into English' has gone viral on the platform. 

He spoke to Bored Panda about the videos and how the series captures reality but in a rather comical fashion. Having worked with many professionals on job interviews, he realized that HR often said one thing but did the opposite. He added his own comical dose to help more people understand how recruitment and HR in general works. "A lot of people end up really disappointed and jaded when they encounter these sorts of phrases. This small series is my attempt to say 'Hey, no wonder you didn't understand it. It's a whole different language! Let me translate it for you with a bit of humor,'" he said.

Here are some of the gems he decoded: 













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