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Career coach reveals 5 traits of a good boss who contributes to employees' better performance

A career coach explores five distinct signs of an exceptional boss, shedding light on their role in cultivating thriving workplaces.

Career coach reveals 5 traits of a good boss who contributes to employees' better performance
Cover Image Source: TikTok/@tiffany.uman

Conventionally, bosses are considered to be difficult to deal with or just challenging in general. While many employees have countless stories of working under a demanding boss, it doesn't mean every boss needs to be like that. There are a few cases where workers get along with their bosses and create a healthy working environment. TikTok career coach Tiffany Uman (@tiffany.uman) recently shared a video where she identified five indicators of an employee having a great boss.


Image Source: TikTok/@tiffany.uman
Image Source: TikTok/@tiffany.uman

The influencer also shared the video on her Instagram. She begins with her first observation, stating that good bosses would put extra effort into explaining why something should be done in terms of the bigger picture. This helps the employee by providing them with an insight into how their work actively impacts the company. She proceeds to her second observation, which is when bosses offer constructive feedback to help employees achieve their targets.

According to Uman, feedback aids in identifying an employee's "biggest opportunity areas." She reveals the third one saying, "They give you moments to shine with more exposure and visibility." It's imperative that bosses acknowledge and maybe even show off the results of their employee's hard work as it makes them feel appreciated. Finally, a nice boss will make the effort to understand what motivates an employee to do their work. They would then use this as a driving force to ensure that their responsibilities line up with that.

Image Source: TikTok/@tiffany.uman
Image Source: TikTok/@tiffany.uman

She concludes by requesting people to join her class so individuals can find success in their careers. Her observations resonated with viewers on the site and they shared their thoughts in the comments section. @liv20035 commented, "I finally have a great boss! I pray I can have him for the rest of my career."

Image Source: TikTok/@tiffany.uman
Image Source: TikTok/@tiffany.uman

Another user, @ambrezzy8, said, "Thankfully, my last three bosses hit all the marks for the first time. Even more surprising, they are all within the same company." Bosses or managers play a crucial role in determining the success of an organization in the long run. According to Gallup, one of the most important decisions an organization makes is in choosing who their manager is. However, this is easier said than done, as most of them end up picking the wrong person.

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Having a few bad managers can cost an organization a lot of money and in worse cases, they can even result in the company being shut down. It was found from their research that there were many inconsistencies in how much people performed at their jobs simply because they were managed very differently. This causes frustration with leaders as it leads to more inefficiencies within the company.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | CoWomen
Representative Image Source: Pexels | CoWomen

If a company wants to increase performance, the best thing they can do is ensure that every team works under a great manager. Since every team will have its own unique set of individuals with different strengths and weaknesses, the presence of a good manager will allow for more streamlining of work. To conclude, the right manager can make a massive difference in the way a company is run.

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