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Car dealership gives stray dog a job and his own employee badge after he kept visiting them

Impressed by his persistence and very "pawfessional" attitude, the staff welcomed him into the dealership family as a consultant.

Car dealership gives stray dog a job and his own employee badge after he kept visiting them
Cover Image Source: Instagram/(L)Hyundai Motor Brasil (R)Tucson Prime

While the Coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent economic downfall resulted in a disastrous layoff season that had us all losing sleep over our job security, one persistent pupster had nothing to worry about. Once a stray left to battle the elements and fend for himself, today this doggo from Brazil is a valued employee at a Hyundai Prime dealership complete with his very own very-official employee badge. With 166k followers on Instagram, Tucson Prime made headlines after the story of how he got hired at the dealership went viral earlier this year.




According to Bored Panda, Tucson Prime's journey to employment began when the staff noticed him hanging around the dealership almost every day. While they initially assumed it was merely a temporary hangout spot for the canine, they soon realized he was there to stay. Impressed by his persistence and very "pawfessional" attitude, they have now welcomed him into the family as a consultant and he's already made quite the impression on their customers. So much so that his ability to greet and interact with customers convinced the dealership to award him a well-deserved promotion within days of joining the Hyundai family.




The staff revealed that although they'd initially only planned on giving the dog refuge, they decided to officially adopt him after customers kept returning to the store even after having purchased a car just to say hi to the dog and give him gifts. Showroom manager Emerson Mariano explained that the feedback for Tucson's customer service in the store has been extremely positive and that the canine has even helped improve the store environment with his "very caring and docile nature." Speaking of how the hiring of the century came to be, Mariano said he'd ushered Tucson into the dealership on one fateful rainy night to save him from the wet conditions.




He offered the dog food, water, and shelter and almost instantly fell in love with the friendly pawster with soulful eyes. He then suggested to the board that they adopt Tucson as a mascot and by the looks of Tucson's popularity online, it was the best decision they've ever made. "After all, the company has always been pet friendly, so now, we decided to embrace this idea in practice too, having our own pet precisely at a more complicated time like this with so many abandoned animals," said Mariano.




Tucson was taken to a doctor to get all the necessary vaccinations after his adoption was made official and since become a valuable member of the team. He is even expected to star in a national advertisement campaign for Hyundai soon and going by his incredible posing skills, we can't say we're surprised. He is certainly the best canine for the job as despite being only about a year old, Tucson puts his best professional foot forward with everything related to the brand; even his Instagram captions. "Now let's get down to business. We had September as the best month in sales of the year and we surpassed all the dealership's goals, with my customers satisfied, my snacks guaranteed, wouldn't it be better to take it easy in October, my manager?" he asked in one post.



"These numbers are already too much, right, so I will need to develop new dog sales tactics," Tucson added. Give the good boi a day off and all the treats in the world, Hyundai!

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