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Pawl Ruff the canine lookalike of Paul Rudd finds forever home with local resident

This adoption has highlighted the work of animal shelters and the importance of adopting shelter pets.

Pawl Ruff the canine lookalike of Paul Rudd finds forever home with local resident
Cover Image Source: Twitter | ColliervilleGov (Left); Getty Images | Alexi J. Rosenfeld (Right)

Shelter dogs are loving and deserving of a forever home. Adopting a shelter dog not only saves the lives of the canines but also brings joy and companionship into the life of the one adopting them. Pawl Ruff, the 2-year-old Australian shepherd mix and shelter dog, has been making headlines due to his uncanny resemblance to Hollywood actor Paul Rudd, per PEOPLE. The furry canine became an internet sensation after the town of Collierville in Tennessee posted a tweet featuring a collage of photos comparing the various poses of Pawl Ruff to the different faces of Paul Rudd. The tweet immediately went viral with over a thousand likes.


Following the tweet, several people expressed their interest in adopting the dog. Now finally, Pawl Ruff has found his forever home with Jennifer Roy, a local resident who had been searching for a dog to adopt. She submitted an application to the Collierville Animal Shelter after the post received national media attention. According to Roy, she had been keeping an eye on various shelters in the area in search of a dog she could adopt. She saw the Australian shepherd mix, previously named Waffle House but now known as Pawl Ruff, and immediately knew he was the one for her. She told the outlet, "When I saw him, I thought, 'that's my dog.' "


After the story of Pawl Ruff's resemblance to Paul Rudd went viral, Roy was worried someone else might adopt him instead of her. Therefore, she quickly visited the shelter over the weekend, soon after filing her application, and took Pawl Ruff home on Sunday. Despite the fact that Pawl Ruff's resemblance to Paul Rudd remains unchanged, Jennifer Roy has officially changed the dog's name to Rowdy. She revealed that although he isn't very rowdy, he seems to like the name. The rescue dog is settling in nicely with Roy and her family, enjoying playtime with her children and accompanying them on car rides. Roy even plans to bring Rowdy to work so that he can spend as much time as possible with his new family. 


Before Rowdy found his forever home with Roy, the Collierville Animal Shelter had hoped that Paul Rudd himself would adopt the famous look-alike. The Town of Collierville had even tweeted an appeal to the actor, via his Ant-Man Twitter handle, asking him to consider adopting the dog from the shelter. They wrote in their tweet, "Paul doesn't have a Twitter handle, but @AntMan does. And honestly, what is more heroic than adopting a shelter pet?" Although the actor did not respond, the town's Public Information Officer, Jennifer Casey, had attempted to contact Rudd's publicists personally to bring the story to his attention. 

Despite not being adopted by the Hollywood star, Rowdy has found a loving home with Roy and has become a local celebrity in his own right. The canine's fame has brought attention to animal shelters and the importance of adopting shelter pets. The Collierville Animal Shelter, where Pawl Ruff was living, has reported an increase in adoption applications after the tweet featuring him went viral. Pawl Ruff's story is a heartwarming reminder of the joy and companionship that pets can bring into our lives and the importance of adopting animals in need.

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