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Cancer survivor surprised by the pilot's announcement celebrating her victory over the disease

She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2021 while she was pregnant with her daughter.

Cancer survivor surprised by the pilot's announcement celebrating her victory over the disease
Cover Image Source: Instagram | Valeri Jones

Cancer is one of the deadliest illnesses. Every year, it changes the lives of people who face the challenge of dealing with the disease. The time when a patient is declared cancer-free is very emotional and moving. In a video posted on Reddit, a cancer survivor on a flight was given a particularly emotional and pleasant surprise. Reddit user u/bendubberley_ wrote alongside the video, "This passenger on a flight is surprised by the cabin crew after they announce she is cancer free." It starts with the pilot of an airplane announcing, "I would like to add a special welcome to a special guest in today's flight." He adds that they have a passenger headed to Hawaii today to "celebrate her victory over late-stage breast cancer." Upon realizing the announcement is about her, Jyrl Oldham wells up with tears. Everyone aboard starts cheering and applauding her bravery and strength.



The pilot continues, "She fought valiantly and now is cancer-free," and asks everyone to give her a round of applause. He adds, "Here in today's environment, It just makes it special that we can share that human bond to take care of each other. Everybody's a big family out there." Jyrl seems to gleam with joy and tears as everyone around her applauded her victory. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2021 while pregnant, according to USA TODAY. Valeri Jones, her friend, explained that she started cancer treatments immediately after her daughter was born in August of that year. She almost passed away during treatment and when she was declared cancer-free, it was a feat to celebrate. She was headed on a vacation with Jones and another friend when her husband arranged for a special announcement. 

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit


Before the trip, Oldham's husband sent an email to Southwest Airlines and then printed a note for the flight attendant. Jones explained, "Jyrl, who is a former pilot herself, loved the announcement and was elated at the reaction the passengers on the plane gave her. It was a great way to kick off our trip."

Reddit users were moved by this beautiful surprise for Jyrl with one person writing, "My mom is in this fight right now, and I am sobbing. She was diagnosed just a few months after her 2 year anniversary of beating multiple myeloma. Stuff like this, and the fact that my mom is a legit badass, gives me hope." Another added, "Everybody is one big family. What a great way to look at it. Thanks and many congratulations to the lady who defeated cancer."

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit


"Bless her heart and so humble!! Congratulations to this lovely woman who beat the hardest thing in life to fight!" wrote yet another user. "I like these announcements cancer or any kind is a vicious and evil blight on humanity. Knowing that someone is cancer free is always good to see," commented another. Cancer is indeed a difficult and exhausting illness and Jyrl celebrated her journey in the best way possible. 

You can watch the video here:


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