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Cab driver struggling to use app gets help from kind passenger after losing clients on 1st day of job

Knowing that the cab driver got so emotional since many people kept canceling on him left the internet heartbroken.

Cab driver struggling to use app gets help from kind passenger after losing clients on 1st day of job
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Tim Samuel, X | @cherrishkhera

Every job has its own advantages and disadvantages. While some require racking our brains, others might involve extensive physical work. Either way, the employees tend to get stressed out by some factor in their work environment. In the case of cab drivers, the stress is considerably high. From navigating the traffic to dealing with unreasonable clients, they go through a lot. So, when one cab driver struggled to get through his first day of work, Cherrie–who goes by @cherrishkhera on X–decided to help him. This wholesome incident got people on the internet so emotional.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Tim Samuel
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Tim Samuel

On Thursday, March 14, Cherrie posted, "My cab driver called and requested me not to cancel. So I waited. Then he told me in the car that it was his first day and how people kept canceling on him." Apparently, since it was his first day at work, the cab driver could not figure out how to use the cab-booking app on which he accepts requests and finds the client's location. So, after every incoming request, he had to take some time to "figure out how the app works." Not tolerating the delay, many passengers decided to cancel their rides while he had to waste time and fuel commuting to their places. Cherrie mentioned that the cab driver cried while talking about this distressing situation. "Hustle culture really ruined us all," they wrote.


Further, the passenger added in the thread that they offered to help the cab driver. "I did tip him and taught him a little to work around with the phone," Cherrie mentioned and added, "I suggested buying a phone holder for ease." With this small yet significant help from the passenger, the cab driver seemed to have learned his way with the job. "Hopefully, he would get used to it in 2-3 days. So, it is all good," reassured Cherrie. "It takes fuel and effort to go to a location people were canceling midway and it was his first day," the passenger pointed out and added, "He quit his previous job and just the thought that probably his new job won't make him money and keep him stressed while he tries his best is enough to make anyone cry - a man or a woman."



This post gained massive attention with over 247K views. Some shared similar experiences they had with cab drivers. "Good Work. Thanks. We should be a bit more generous like this to help out people and not to hustle always. Let's take a break from the hustle and enjoy the beauty of society and people," commented @ananda5545. "Well, I had a similar situation too, where the cabbie was new and was unable to use the app properly..I called him..and I waited till he came, even guided him which way to come. Before that, two cabs had to be canceled," wrote @Floxinon. "A very good gesture. I remember I faced a similar situation where the guy immediately called me after booking and said, 'Please don't cancel. I am coming to your spot ASAP.' He was so polite throughout the drive and explained how it was his first time on the app. Tipped and taught!" commented @arghyadeepdas99.

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