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Kind driver stops his bus full of passengers to comfort girl who was crying after getting bullied

In a world where people are often too busy to show compassion, this bus driver put his schedule on hold to offer a comforting shoulder to a young girl in need.

Kind driver stops his bus full of passengers to comfort girl who was crying after getting bullied
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/legendary_Russian

Editor's note: This article was originally published on March 23, 2023. It has since been updated.

In a world where people are often too busy to notice what is happening around them, it is heartwarming to come across someone who takes the time to care. And that is exactly what this bus driver did when he saw a little girl in distress.

A beautiful post has been shared on Reddit by u/legendary_Russian where on a routine day, a bus driver was driving his usual route when he spotted a young girl sitting by the side of the road, tears streaming down her face. Without a second thought, he stopped his bus and stepped out to see what was wrong.

Image Source: Reddit/ u/legendary_Russian
Image Source: Reddit/ u/legendary_Russian

It turns out the girl had been bullied that day and was feeling very upset. The bus driver took her under his wing and offered her a comforting shoulder to cry on. What is truly amazing about this story is that the bus driver did all this while his bus was full of passengers. He put his own schedule on hold to show compassion and kindness to a young girl in need. And the passengers on the bus did not seem to mind one bit, as they all understood the importance of the moment.

"This kind bus driver stopped his bus, which was full of passengers, to comfort a bullied girl he saw crying on the side of the road," u/legendary_Russian captioned the post which has been upvoted over 18k times.

Image Source: Reddit/ fineman1097
Image Source: Reddit/ Avanixh

Many people commented on this adorable post. u/chiobsidian wrote: "Nice stories, but damn it's so frustrating how our society instantly villainizes a man being seen with a child."

"Some heroes don't wear capes they drive buses," said u/Powerful_Toe_3672.

Image Source: Reddit/ Visible_Yam_7854
Image Source: Reddit/ Visible_Yam_7854

"I love how that bus driver was so considerate of that girl's safety. Kudos to the bus driver. Kudos My late hubby's sister's husband is a school bus driver so I am partial," shared u/Mugwort87. u/bdbdbokbuck commented: "Love... there's nothing else to say. I'm going to go look for some tissue now."

Meanwhile, u/bdbdbokbuck shared a similar story of kindness. "Would love to hear more bus driver stories. My daughter forgot her Christmas decoration on the bus. She had made it in school. The next day the bus driver shows up on our doorstep with it. Wife and daughter were in tears," they commented.

u/StashtheWonderDog had a heartwarming tale to share. "My brother was very big for his age. Giant. But he was very non-violent and that led to bullying. In 9th grade, his bus driver started talking to him because he sat close to the front of the bus (not to get picked on.) She brought out a light in my brother. He started doing photography after she commented on a photo he had taken. My dad built him a dark room, the whole nine yards. He just turned 60 last week and is an amazing professional photographer," they wrote.

The smallest acts of kindness can make a big impact on someone's day. Whether it is holding the door open for someone, offering to carry their bags, or simply saying hello and asking how they are doing, we all have the power to brighten someone's day.

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