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Burger King will trade your ex's photo for a free Whopper this Valentine's Day

In honor of Harley Quinn's breakup with the Joker in the upcoming movie 'Birds of Prey,' Burger King is helping us all move on from our exes.

Burger King will trade your ex's photo for a free Whopper this Valentine's Day
Image Source: Burger King

You thought you would never need your ex ever again, right? Well, think again. This year, Burger King will let you trade a photo of your ex for a free burger at select stores across the United States. Time to dig up those old photos - preferably something they look super wack in. You know, the one photo that makes your friends do a double-take and ask, "Really, them?" The marketing campaign is being run in honor of Birds of Prey, the new movie about the hijinx that ensue after Harley Quinn breaks up with the Joker. Quite fitting, isn't it?




You will be able to redeem this offer at select Burger King outlets in major American cities, including New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Boston. Head to one of the participating locations and find their Birds of Prey "breakup box." It's decorated to resemble the marketing of the movie, so it'll be pretty easy to spot. Then, all you need to do is take the printed photo of your ex that you brought along and slip it inside one of the boxes. And you thought your ex was good for nothing, huh? Well, it's probably time to hunt down a photo.


Because you probably stalk them on the internet all the time anyway, we're sure it will be super simple to find a photo to print out. Just be careful not to double-tap one of those photos while scrolling on Instagram. Now, if the breakup wound is still fresh, you don't need to hunt down a photo. That is if you're in New York City. You can take along letters, stuffed animals, or a specified piece of clothing in order to claim a free burger. So, really, you'll be getting rid of trash you don't need and receive a free burger in return. This is a win-win situation.


But what about those of you who aren't heartbroken? I'm sure being so in love is soooo difficult. Well, don't fret. If you don't have a photo of an ex to hand over, there's still an offer for you lovebirds. Burger King is running an in-app competition that will give you a chance to purchase a Whopper for only $3. Open up their BK® app and find the quiz. To redeem the offer, just answer four out of five questions correctly. It's going to be a happy Valentine's Day for all of us.



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