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Agnus the bull is inspiring people to keep their rooms in order by cleaning his own stall

Angus's participation in clearning impressed viewers and garnered praise for his intelligence and efforts.

Agnus the bull is inspiring people to keep their rooms in order by cleaning his own stall
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @nobullfarm

On some days, we don't feel like tidying up our rooms and it's totally okay but if you need some inspiration Angus, the bull can help you. The TikTok account @Nobullfarm shared an admirable video clip of Angus cleaning his stall that gained over six million views. It is insipiring many to just get up and clean that mess in their rooms. The video was captioned, "So, for anyone who thinks cows (animals in general) can't communicate or understand watch this. Angus is incredibly smart, funny, helpful, and well handsome. He loves when I have to muck the stalls. This is his contribution. He cracks me up. It never gets old. No bull."

Image Source: TikTok | @nobullfarm
Image Source: TikTok | @nobullfarm

The brown bull with astounding horns was seen helping clean his own stall. He was seen willingly attempting to move the bag of hay and following the owner's instructions obediently. He might have ended up creating a little more of a mess but it's the thought that counts. Angus was praised as people on TikTok were left impressed.

Image Source: TikTok | @nobullfarm
Image Source: TikTok | @nobullfarm

"That’s so cute and he’s participating in his own care so you know he’s happy," commented @crazy_dragon_thing. "That’s just a chocolate lab with horns! so handsome," commented @ren. "Your bull listens better than my child," wrote @goldstarhouselpant. "I wish he could help me carry in my groceries," joked @durr_t.lynnett. "That’s so cute and he’s participating in his own care so you know he’s happy," said @crazy_dragon_thing.

Image Source: TikTok
Image Source: TikTok

Turns out, bulls aren't just great helpers at the farm. Bulls are highly intelligent, capable of recognizing faces and specific words and remembering how different humans treat them, according to a study published by Animal Behavior and Cognition.  The paper summarized peer-reviewed research that demonstrated bovine cognition, concluding that the animals can have "Eureka" moments, be optimistic or pessimistic, be affected by painful experiences, protect their calves and recognize their friends.

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In a similar precious moment caught on camera, Helen, a blind cow who had spent most of her life on a dairy farm, was brought to her now-forever home at Uncle Neil's the day after her 19th birthday. Thousands of people flocked to her after seeing a video of her reaction to receiving her own personal round hay bale. The adorable 19-year-old is seen in the video thoroughly enjoying her gift and having the time of her life playing with it.

Image Source: TikTok | @uncleneilshome
Image Source: TikTok | @uncleneilshome

Helen seemed overjoyed as she brushed and scratched against the hay and tasted it. Netizens' hearts warmed as they saw her adoration for her first hay bale. The video was captioned, "Helen has a new love in her life: Her very own personal round bale. That's 800 pounds of fresh, tasty hay that also doubles as her own personal scratching post for all the hard-to-reach places!"


In a post shared about her, it was stated that "she is magnificent. Helen is intelligent, stoic, and independent and watching her experience her 'firsts' in sanctuary has been nothing short of amazing. The first few days were very hard on her. It was a long ride, she was in a new environment for the first time in her life, her food was different, her space was different. Everything changed in an instant and she was scared. Through tons of love, conversation, and music- which she loves- she began to eat, settle in, and has been feeling much better." 

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