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Brothers display utmost affection for baby sister setting a new definition of masculinity

Genuine emotions and love of brothers towards their little sister is changing people's mindset about men being vulnerable about their emotions.

Brothers display utmost affection for baby sister setting a new definition of masculinity
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @celeste_queena

The social conventions in place make it hard for men to accept their own feelings. The mainstream media highlights emotionally vulnerable men as weak. It causes many drawbacks in their lives, like a greater sense of isolation and several health issues, per MensLine. Celeste Queena–who goes on TikTok by @celeste_queena–sets a positive example for all the boys and men struggling with emotions. The two boys in the video have no qualms about being openly affectionate with their little ones.

Image Source: TikTok/@celeste_queena
Image Source: TikTok | @celeste_queena

Queena captioned the video, "When your brothers come home from school and they don't care if momma had a rough time putting their baby sister to sleep." The video starts with the boys, JJ and Tylen, returning from school. They give a kiss to their mom and immediately focus on the object of their affection. At first, JJ asks his mother, "Where's Serenity?" The mother tells them that she is asleep. However, before she could stop them, Tylen quickly picked her up from the bassinet. After that, he began an adorable love-showering session. The family had plans to go outside that day, and the one question on the boys' lips was, "Serenity is coming outside too, right?"

Image Source: TikTok/@celeste_queena
Image Source: TikTok | @celeste_queena

Their mother delivered the sad news that since Serenity was not feeling well, she would not be able to join them. It made the boys give more love and kisses to their adorable baby sister. Tylen immediately begins snuggling the baby and says, "You're not feeling good?" She is taken away by Tylen and JJ begins discussing with his mother about a space heater. At the end, Tylen finishes with, "That's it," while holding the baby. It was as if there was nothing more he needed at that point apart from the baby. This whole display of affection was adorable from start to finish. Not only were the boys fantastic with their sister, but also the way they were open and loving with their mother was heartwarming.

In a follow-up video, the boys are jumping around with Serenity. All the while their unamused mother is telling them, "Quit jumping my babe up and down." They just want to wake her up and play with her all day long. Queena's account is filled with numerous videos showing how her boys treat her with utmost affection and respect.

Image Source: TikTok/@cmom71
Image Source: TikTok | @cmom71

Another video she posted was a slideshow of her pregnancy with Serenity. She shared how her boys were her rocks throughout the entire journey. In the caption, she wrote, "Times when I couldn't get out of bed to get water, food, whatever they made sure I was straight. My youngest wanted to go to my first ultrasound appointment, what a beautiful experience we had, he would always come talk to Serenity in my tummy and make her move around."

Image Source: TikTok/@syariiworld1
Image Source: TikTok | @syariiworld1

Queena's viral video has gained 12M views and over 2M likes. The comment section was in complete awe of the lovefest. @dionna840 pointed out the best part about the video for them, "It's the I'll take her to my room for me. Yes, big brothers." @33mar34 found the antics pulled by the boys very funny and wrote, "'Mommy, where Serenity at?' 'Sleep' 'Oh, she was sleep?' after picking her up from her sleep."

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