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Brother makes stunning prom dress for sister from scratch as family couldn't afford to rent one

Determined to give his sister a dress and a prom experience she could cherish for years to come, he crafted an elaborate winter ball gown with his own hands.

Brother makes stunning prom dress for sister from scratch as family couldn't afford to rent one
Cover Image Source: Facebook/Maverick Francisco Oyao

Editor's note: This article was originally published on August 5, 2021. It has since been updated.

A  brother from the Philippines won hearts across social media last year after he shared the stunning prom dress he created for his sister. Maverick Francisco Oyao—a college student from Zamboanga City—went above and beyond to make his sister, Lu Asey, happy after learning that their parents wouldn't be able to afford a ball gown for her junior and senior prom. Determined to give Lu a dress and a prom experience she could cherish for years to come, Maverick took it upon himself to design and sew an elaborate winter ball gown from scratch.


The loving brother documented the whole process in a now-viral Facebook post, where he admitted that he initially had doubts about whether he was actually up for the challenge. However, Maverick need not have feared as his labor of love produced an exquisite outfit that made Lu look no less than a princess. "The untold story of a loving [elder brother]," he wrote. "I didn't expect that I can do this on time. I even doubted myself if I can do this or not because the concept is different from what is already being done. But God is really good. He did not abandon me."


Although Maverick was nervous about the project he'd taken on and was unsure about how to go about sewing a ball gown, he was able to gather enough information from the internet. "I browse on YouTube and on Google on different types of ball dresses especially Michael Cinco's Spring and Summer Collection and start conceptualizing," he wrote. The determined brother then sketched his own design and settled on blue and white for the colors, as the theme of the prom night was winter ball. With a little help from his mom, Maverick—who is studying for a bachelor of arts and culture—slowly sewed the outfit piece by piece.


The talented young man first created an incredible skirt with a royal-blue fabric and placed white satin ribbons on it in a criss-cross design. To further accentuate the beauty of the skirt, he attached white plastic flowers with crystal beads across it in a scattered pattern. For the bodice of the gown, Maverick hand-painted it in a beautiful ombré that blended perfectly with the skirt. To top it all off, he also added dramatic butterfly sleeves that look like they belong in a Disney movie.


"I've done my part very well as your supportive brother and I will never get tired of supporting you, that's your brother's promise to you," Maverick wrote, addressing his sister. "I hope I make you happy this Valentine's Day. Even though we didn't get your wish for the best dress but for me it was the best dress and the best because you are wearing it. Your brother loves you so much." The jaw-dropping outfit and the heartwarming story behind it touched many hearts across the internet as Maverick's Facebook post went viral with over 92k likes and 74k shares.


"You have an amazing talent and a gorgeous model to build upon. You both have a tremendous future ahead of you. Never forget where you started and never forget charity is amazing. Your talents will grow and people will know you. People will fight to wear your designs. Stay humble," commented Facebook user, Eddie Confetti. "This is the most stunningly beautiful, intricate, take-my-breath away ball gown I’ve ever seen, not to mention a gift made of love. All the thumbs up and likes to you, this is a stunning craft. I want to give you a giant hug and tell you how much I’m proud of you," wrote Carina Lynn.


Here are some more photographs from the gown-making process:












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