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Brother just needed his sister to hold mitts for him while training, now the duo train every day

The brother tracked his sister's progress and confidence build-up over time and it is blowing everyone's mind.

Brother just needed his sister to hold mitts for him while training, now the duo train every day
Image Source: TIkTok/Jonathan Mounzer

The bond between siblings is absolutely wonderful. Despite all the arguments, fighting, and name-calling between siblings, they are always there for each other whenever one needs help. Just like this sister who is playing the role of her brother's boxing trainer without any prior experience. In a video posted by Jonathan Mounzeron on TikTok, he can be seen training at home with his sister. Her progress throughout the video is extremely exceptional and is moving the internet. 

Image Source: TikTok
Image Source: TikTok

He explains in the text inlay that he needed someone to hold the mitts while training. Naturally, he asked his sister to help who "hasn't trained a day in her life." However, the video shows her doing this job efficiently and in fact with a lot of happiness and ease. Her brother describes her as a "natural born" and trains with her regularly in the house, gym, and even outside. They train together every single day and help each other to perfect their skills. 

The video went viral on the social media platform and has gathered almost 10 million views and counting. Several people in the comments section are applauding this beautiful moment between the siblings and are surprised at the sister's skill. One TikTok user commented, "Wow, you can see over time how she goes from almost being afraid of the pads, to becoming the aggressor. Great confidence!" Another said, "I can imagine you two fighting one day and she'll be blocking every punch saying 'I know every move you'll make.'"

Image Source: TikTok
Image Source: Reddit


A third user mentioned, "Sibling bonding is just one dragging the other into the hobbies until one hobby turns into both of yours." A fourth said, "It's cause family, she loves you and actually puts 100 percent effort into your success. that's true family and try love." The video was also posted on Reddit by u/raciallyambiguous and has collected over 123k votes with people mesmerized by the sister's skills. A Reddit user noted, "Most people don't understand the strength it takes to hold those mitts and do pad work on that end for a normal person, let alone somebody that actually punches hard for a long time. This is actually insane." 

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit


Jonathan posted another video on everyone's request where he is holding the mitts and practicing with his sister. In the video, they both are outside an Ikea store and the sister is completely matching her brother's energy and exhibits her exceptional skills. This love between siblings doesn't just flourish in adulthood and is also a part of fond childhood memories. In another viral TikTok video, an older brother helping his sister to cross a puddle accurately explains this beautiful relationship. The little girl came across a puddle of water and did not want to cross it as it would mean ruining the shoes. She raises her arms and asks to be carried and her brother steps in. The little boy carries his young sister across the puddle accurately displaying the affection between siblings. 

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