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Brother and sister adopted separately as babies learn they're biological siblings after years

The two siblings also thanked the nurse who took care of them after they were abandoned when they learnt the truth.

Brother and sister adopted separately as babies learn they're biological siblings after years
Cover Image Source: YouTube/ Photo by Good Morning America

Kindness never gets forgotten. A nurse in New York deeply felt this when a baby she took care of 19 years ago after someone abandoned her came back to pay her respects. The nurse played a huge role Vicky Lynn Laffin's life, as because of the healthcare professional, she was finally able to reunite with her biological brother, as reported by Good Morning America. Their reunion looks straight out of a film. Laffin also met cardiac technician Claudia Beadle to thank her for caring after her on that fateful day, and believes she played a big role in giving her the happy life she has at present. 


Vicky Lynn Laffin was a newborn when Beadle found her left by someone in the bathroom of Richmond University Medical Center. She was taken to Richmond's pediatrics clinic by Beadle where she and a team took care of her till she was adopted by Angela and Dennis Laffin. The couple already had a biological and adopted son. Their adopted son Frank, like Vicky, was also found in Staten Island. He was left in a Daycare Centre. Angela Laffin shared why they never revealed to their adopted children the fact that they were abandoned, "They didn't know that they were abandoned up until a couple of months ago. Because we never used the words 'abandoned,' 'left behind' ... it's just not in our vocabulary."

Child abandonment is a huge issue in America with almost 7000 children going through it every year, as per Oftentimes, the children in such situations are so young that they are not able to survive because of infections. 2021 saw 22 infants die because of this reason, as reported by National Safe Haven Alliance. In such a situation, individuals like Beadle play a prominent role in getting children to safety and providing them with the right resources they need to survive. Safe Haven Baby Boxes have also been installed by authorities to protect such children so that they are given the immediate care they require in such a state. Beadle, by getting Vicky the right care at the right time, saved her life as well as gave her a chance to meet her parents. At that time, she truly played the role of Vicky's fairy godmother.



The adopted siblings recently decided to take a DNA test in order to know more about their biological background and history. Their discovery gave them both shock and delight. The DNA test revealed that both of them were biological siblings. Through a stroke of luck both the siblings were adopted in the same household. Frank Laffin shared about the discovery, "We were both found a year and a half apart and wound up in the same family. The odds are insane."

The siblings were also cared for by the same woman, Beadle after being abandoned. Therefore, they decided to honor the woman who found them and was the first comforting presence in their life after getting abandoned. Vicky reflected, "Walking in here, it was definitely emotional, it definitely felt a little overwhelming but it was really nice to see the place where I was left and see that Claudia was so great and took such good care of me".

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